• 6th Anniversary

    Today is my 6th anniversary of initiation to prostate play and encounter with my very first Aneros, the Classic Helix Syn. It’s been quite the journey beginning with all the frustration typically experienced by most newbies. With time, patience and especially the help and guidance…

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  • Hail To The Helix

    I haven’t blogged much lately but I’ve decided to make this entry as the subject is an important step in my journey even if I’ve written about this topic before. I’ve started my Aneros experience (and prostate play) on Jan 18, 2016; 6 years minus…

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  • My New Helix Syn Trident

    I just received my new Helix Syn Trident and Progasm Ice to replace my first two original massagers. Last night was the night to try the HST and I wanted to share the experience but first, it’s important to describe the packaging and the unit…

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  • Aless Extraordinaire

    My last full Aneros session was on Feb 25 in anticipation of a sigmoidoscopy procedure scheduled for March 4th. I’ve been riding on the Aless wagon ever since. This hiatus gave me a chance to try new ways of achieving prostate pleasures including the use…

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  • Sigmoidoscopy

    Today, I’m getting ready for a sigmoidoscopy and hemorrhoid ligation procedure scheduled for tomorrow morning. I’ve been holding back on Aneros sessions since last Saturday night so there would be no trace of my olive oil lube. I’ve been indulging, however in Aless sessions at…

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  • 5-Year Anniversary

    I haven’t blogged much lately but I’m compelled to do so tonight. It was 5 years ago today that I inserted my first prostate massager; my Helix Syn (Classic of course). Within the same year, I added my Progasm Ice and a few more since….

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  • Calm Waters

    Last night, I had a fantastic session with my Classic Eupho Syn! I experienced, for the first time, the state of ‘calm waters’ often referenced in the forum. On occasion, I get to that point but it’s usually in Aless session; this was a first…

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  • Broken Classic Helix Syn

    A while ago, I wrote about having broken the P-arm on my Classic Helix Syn while cleaning it. It’s the hard plastic core inside the arm that broke but the outside silicone coating is still holding the arm tied to the unit. This means no…

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  • Eupho Syn Euphorium Weekend

    Eupho Syn Euphorium Weekend Hi everyone. It’s extremely rare (in fact I don’t remember if it ever happened) that I use the same massager in two back to back sessions. This is exactly what happened last weekend. On Friday night, I felt like a low…

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  • Broken Helix Syn

    Last night, I had my first session with my broken Classic Helix Syn. The hard plastic inner core of the perineum arm broke while washing it last week. The only thing holding it in place is the outer silicone coating. I lined up my Eupho…

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