• My New Helix Syn Trident

    I just received my new Helix Syn Trident and Progasm Ice to replace my first two original massagers.
    Last night was the night to try the HST and I wanted to share the experience but first, it’s important to describe the packaging and the unit itself. It had been a few years since I last opened up an Aneros massager box and it’s easy to forget about the efforts the company has invested in presenting their products. The attractive package will impress anyone fortunate enough to receive it as a purchase or a gift. It is extremely well made, very colorful and the flap magnet separates it from the average packaged box. Several years ago, I used to store my first 2 units in their original boxes but eventually, with several more toys added to my collection, I keep them all in a hardwood box so the original packaging were chucked.

    Pulling out the HST from it’s formed nest, the feel is quite a bit different from it’s HS Classic version; it feel more velvety and maybe a little less fragile compared to the original. When compared side by side, the new one is slightly smaller and shorter. The angle from it’s axis also seems a tad less pronounced. My overall impression while looking at it in my hand was, feels nice but how can a noticeably smaller and less aggressive unit possibly yield better results than the previous company’s flagship version? Intrigued, I was anxious to try it.

    After a thorough wash and full session prep, I slipped the unit in and settled down on my yoga mat on the floor (usual process). After a few minutes to find my bearings, I relaxed and started concentrating on how the new unit felt in it’s environment.
    Woa; it didn’t very take long for me to feel the effects the HST was having on my prostate and surrounding area. The unit was touching either part of my prostate or nerve endings that none of my other ever did and the pressure was constant all the way to the end of the session some 1-hour and 45 minutes. Another one of the differences was how the two arms rested very comfortably and firmly on my perineum and between my ass cheeks. These pressure points made the unit stay firmly in place where as the original one tended to be loosely held.

    I first started the session using @helghast ‘s 1-2 method where I quickly clench my pc muscle and simultaneously my sphincter while slightly lifting my hips. This didn’t last very long as the unit took over and started to do its own thing without any action on my part and this while continuing to maintain the added pressure I mentioned above. It’s as if the HST was in communication with my prostate and worked their symphony in sink. I became a bystander to this unrelenting concoction of pleasures.

    The two arm pressure points were doing their job in harmony with the sphincter to make the unit dance like I’ve never felt before. My hat’s off to the design engineers on this one.

    Finally, at the end of every session, I engage in about 20 minutes of Aless and the wonders of my full session just continued as if I still had the HST in place.
    For any newbies looking for a first unit or a user looking to expand their arsenal, I strongly suggest to consider the Helix Syn Trident.


    • Golfing1

      11/28/2021at7:08 am

      Hi ggringo,
      I am new to this space and prostate massage. What is Aless?
      Thank you, Golfing1

    • Avatar for Glowingtrident88


      01/23/2022at1:16 am

      Hello Ggringo,
      That sounds very exciting. I have also treated myself a HST and have already had a few outstanding rides. But since I have had the best experience with the MGX Trident and the Helix Trident, I tend to use this series. But I will certainly use the Syn series of both again soon. Before a session, I always think about which model appeals to me the most and decide spontaneously. But when I read your blog like this, I definitely want to use a Syn. I wish you a lot of fun with your models in the future. Happy rides 🙂

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