• MGX Classic Night

    Everything I mentioned about my Progasm Ice in my yesterday’s blog entry could be repeated here for last night’s session with my MGX! In fact, I feel that every one of my massagers are performing as my very favorite lately. My prostate does not seem…

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  • Progasm Night!

    Last night, the tool I chose for my second session of the week was my Progasm Ice and boy was that a good choice! Once inserted, it went to work immediately giving me waves after waves of pleasure that rendered me into a state of…

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  • Captcha gone!

    Things are just getting better and better!

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  • welcome Back!

    Happy to see the Aneros Blog Section active again! I hope everyone uses it!

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  • Forum problems

    Can anyone access the Forum’s General Discussion? @BigGlansDC, I noticed you were able to ask the question today. This morning, I could see that there were 11 members and 431 guests on line but I could not get on.

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  • Nippleless Experiment; first day

    I had my first A-less without nipple play this morning; intensity is very low. If it was not for pressure applied to my perineum (with my heel), sensations would be null. I’m determined to change that and continue without nipple influence.

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  • Nipple Play; helpful or not?

    In the last 18 months or so, I have been very successful in developing my nipple play to the point of generating instant and extremely rewarding sensation in my genital and prostate areas.  I seldom have an Aneros or Aless session without diddling my nipples. …

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  • A Great Ride, literally!

    I know I’ve been rather quiet in the last few months but I didn’t feel I had much to contribute as all my sessions are pretty well the same; GREAT! Thursday, I had some alone time so I opted for a rare morning session even…

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  • Different Approach!

    Last night, I had my third session in as many days and this time, my body suggested the MGX for the occasion.  My mind originally wanted the Eupho Syn but I’ve learned a long time ago that the best results are usually attained when the…

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  • Taking a Break!

    My last session was Sunday night, number five in four days so I’ve decided to take a total break on EVERYTHING prostate. No session, no Aless, nothing but the occasional edge session and this until at least Wednesday night. I want to hit the reset…

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