• Eupho Syn Euphorium Weekend

    Eupho Syn Euphorium Weekend

    Hi everyone.
    It’s extremely rare (in fact I don’t remember if it ever happened) that I use the same massager in two back to back sessions. This is exactly what happened last weekend.

    On Friday night, I felt like a low key, non aggressive session and so my body whispered it’s choices tool, the Classic Eupho Syn. The plan was to have a quiet session designed to simply sit back and enjoy whatever sensation the unit would yield me. Sometimes, I feel like having an aggressive approach so my MGX or Progasm Ice would be selected. This time, the ES did not disappoint!

    As soon as it was inserted, I was transported to the edge of bliss but rather on the calm side. At no point in the session was I looking for more results than what I was experiencing, I did not try to escalate anything, as I sometimes do, in a quest to get to Super O country.

    The session was such a great success that I simply wanted an encore on Saturday night. Well the short history repeated itself. My two-session weekend was exactly what my prostate prescribed!

    The Classic Eupho Syn definatly has its place in my arsenal!

    Good vibes to everyone!

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