• Broken Classic Helix Syn

    A while ago, I wrote about having broken the P-arm on my Classic Helix Syn while cleaning it. It’s the hard plastic core inside the arm that broke but the outside silicone coating is still holding the arm tied to the unit. This means no more perineum pivot point left to cycle pressure against my prostate.

    My heart was broken as this was the unit that initiated me in the wonderful world of prostate play over four years ago but for some reason, I decided to not chuck it away. I did use it once since but that session was a dud for other reasons. Again, I had decided to keep it in my collection.

    On Saturday night, my prostate was in the mood for a mild session which usually steers me to my Classic Eupho Syn but, instead, I opted for the injured HS. This was going to be the deciding factor whether it stays in the collection or gets a one way trip to the dump.

    No sooner inserted, it went to work stimulating my innards as if nothing was broken. The pressure on my perineum was much lighter (feather-light) than the medium pressure usually experienced with the Syn models. But what surprised me the most was the sensation generated by the very light touch of the arm on the perineum. For some uncomprehending reason, that area became the center of my session. It was as if the end of the arm was tickling me rather than digging on my perineum mound. The combination of perineum tickling combined with prostate being stroked at the head was almost unbearable.

    Through this unfortunate breakage, I learned that, although Aneros massagers are designed to be activated by muscles while pivoting on the perineum, it can and does perform extremely well without any pivot points. I suspect my experience of developing full control off my floor muscles has helped me control the unit during the session.

    Finally, I’m happy I did not give up on my faithful pleasure partner. I look forward to many more pleasurable session with my Classic Helix Syn!

    Life is wonderful even considering the atrocious covid19 effects on the world’s population.

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