• Aless Extraordinaire

    My last full Aneros session was on Feb 25 in anticipation of a sigmoidoscopy procedure scheduled for March 4th. I’ve been riding on the Aless wagon ever since. This hiatus gave me a chance to try new ways of achieving prostate pleasures including the use of reverse Kegels and other methods.

    Last night, my Aless session involved rubbing my perineum vigorously while diddling my nipples coupled with deep diaphragm breathing. Towards the end, I fully engaged my penis for an extended period of edging and then reverted back to my perineum/nipple play. I was very surprised as to how pleasurable the entire experience was.

    After doing this for a few hours, I retired to bed (at midnight). As I lay in bed beside me very sound asleep wife, I was enjoying the tingling of my prostate area. Not asleep yet but drifting, suddenly, a massive wave of pleasure engulfed my entire body. This was undoubtedly an orgasm but not an earth-shattering one. It was more like calm seas but it lasted several minutes. The feeling then subsided only to return several minutes later but with even less intensity.

    This had happened several times before but I was never sure if they were in my dreams or reality. Last night, however, confirmed that they are real and very pleasurable. So parts of my body could be asleep while others are busy at work!

    Life is truly wonderful.

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