• Major breakthrough! With or without Aneros?

    Lately, I have been practicing semen retention (18 days now) without any blue balls effect; in fact, it’s been much easier than I thought. I’m doing it simply because ejaculation, however good it has become, is a drain on my system and sets me back…

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  • Progress or not?

    Finally got a chance to enjoy a session last night and my tool of choice was my Helix Syn. The session was great but I cheated a little. Initially, I was not that horny so I tuned in on some good porn, something I have…

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  • Away on a trip

    It’s already been 5 days since my last session and I am departing for a 5-day trip. It could be 10 to 12 days to my next opportunity and my prostate is already screamoing for action! Oh well, I will practice Aless until then. Boy…

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  • Super-T

    It had been two weeks since my last ejaculation and I usually keep that for my last weekly session on Saturday nights. Last Saturday, I was with my wife RVing so no action. Friday, had great sex with my wife after several months. Saturday, after…

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  • Progress in the Bedroom

    All day yesterday, I was looking forward to my planned session for last night. In the evening, to my surprise, I got a wink from my wife to step in the bedroom for love making, something that had not happened for months (yeah, I know!)….

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  • Re-Wiring Reversing?

    For the first time in 6 months, I have been away from home, (travelling in our RV) and my Aneros toys; no sessions for 5 days. I am used to having sessions 2 to 4 times weekly so I was sure my re-wiring process would…

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  • First encounter with the Progasm Ice

    Well, last night I had my first encounter with my new Progasm Ice and and here are a few details. First, I lubed up, lubed the monster and slowly started inserting it. My anus, being used to the gentle curvature of the Helyx Syn started…

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  • First Blog

    My first massager was the Helyx Syn bought 6 months ago. Although I feel I have made great strides with my 3-4 weekly sessions, I have yet to achieve the Dry-O and Super-O levels. Even being at the level i am, I feel I am…

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