• 6th Anniversary

    Today is my 6th anniversary of initiation to prostate play and encounter with my very first Aneros, the Classic Helix Syn. It’s been quite the journey beginning with all the frustration typically experienced by most newbies.

    With time, patience and especially the help and guidance of my fellow forum members, I’ve been able to escalate the level of pleasures to an indescribable level. I feel I’m far more educated on my newfound pleasures and my whole body.

    At 67 years of age, I’m in the best shape of my life with regards to male sex and prostate health.
    I’ve also been fortunate enough to have made good friends along the way which is a great way to share details of a journey that cannot be shared with anyone else outside of the Aneros brotherhood.

    I look forward to the future!


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      01/19/2022at2:04 pm

      @ggringo, Congratulations on your 6th year anniversary of Aneros journey and prostate massage. As you know, I began my Aneros journey in early June 2012 with Classic Helix Syn, a few months after it was introduce on the market.

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      Unashamed Prostate Play

      01/20/2022at8:34 am

      @ggringo, Congrats, on 6 years with aneros.

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      08/19/2022at9:15 am

      Coming up to 6 years myself, at 69. Not sure I’ve had a technically HFO but it’s been amazing for me too. Like you, starting with the Helix Syn Trident, I like both Eupho’s (black & white), sometimes all day. Mostly by myself or unbeknownst to others, with rare participation by the missus – but she sure likes the way I perform after discovering Aneros! Progasm when I want high intensity, or my only non-Aneros pfun (going in cold is A. M. A. Z. I. N. G.) In my twenties & thirties I came 2-3 times a night or during a long session. Nowadays when I have a long session with my lady it goes on and on and on (and on). Extended sessions with her can have a grande or no finale for me, either way it leaves me with an erotic symphony of feelings deep inside. And I don’t immediately fall into slumber nowadays.
      Have a great time!

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