• Calm Waters

    Last night, I had a fantastic session with my Classic Eupho Syn! I experienced, for the first time, the state of ‘calm waters’ often referenced in the forum. On occasion, I get to that point but it’s usually in Aless session; this was a first with a massager inserted.

    I would welcome that sensation anytime!

    Next session is planned for tonight and my prostate is whispering one of two massagers, my Classic Helix Syn or my old reliable Classic Maximus.


    • simplepenguin

      06/25/2020at4:02 pm

      I have really enjoyed your journey and your blog and I can so relate.

      Thank you!

    • Avatar for Bladerunner


      09/28/2020at6:38 am

      I too enjoy reading about your journey. Can relate to that sense of calm waters as well, and that anticipation of the upcoming session.

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