• Edging-less Progress

    It’s been almost two weeks since I completely stopped my edging and masturbating sessions in favor of concentrating on rewiring and prostate awakening.  Since then, I have had 3 Aneros sessions and daily Aless sessions, to the point of being constant. I must say that…

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  • Discovery and Reality

    In the last several weeks, I have noticed a reduction in my Aneros and Aless session’s progress. In fact, my Aless sessions were no longer giving me noticeable results to the point where I almost gave up on them. I was no longer waking up…

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  • So-so

    For the last two weeks, I have been away from my Aneros toys but I practiced Kegels and edging every day.  I was looking forward to reunite with my Helix Syn and Progasm Ice.  Last night, after my wife went upstairs to bed, I lubed…

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  • Wow is all I can say!

    I can only write a quick blog this morning as I’m pressed for time. I had a session Wednesday night and tried a different internal lube (inspired by @BigGlansDC).  I injected 3/4 of a cc of Pure Virgin Olive Oil instead of my regular water-based…

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  • 21-day Challenge

    I’m joining in the challenge for SR. I’m currently on day 3 after a failed Super-T attempt Saturday.

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  • Gotta take the Bad with the good!

    Lat night, I had a good session with my Progasm Ice and really enjoyed it. After this session I wanted to finish off the evening with a Super-T so with the toy still inserted, I worked ever so slowly on my penis. The climax was…

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  • Porn, an Addiction or Not

    I know this topic has been written about many times and there are as many opinions about it as Carter’s got pills so here goes. Before my Aneros and back door discoveries, porn was my good reliable friend to achieve my pleasurable moments. I reflect…

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  • Another Day in Paradise!

    All day yesterday, I felt Aless orgasmic and it was GREAT! Last night I had a great date with my Helix Syn.  More and more I am able to pull the sexual energy from my genitals to my head and I’m starting to feel more…

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  • Missed by one stroke! No, not golf!

    Missed by one stroke! Yes, my edging exercise was pushed one stroke too far and ejaculation was eminent! There went weeks of successful edging exercises with no ejaculation. I must have gotten cocky (no pun intended). My point of this post is not about the…

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  • Edging Side Effects??

    It seems my new-found way of aggressive edging is creating other side effects. In the early hours yesterday morning, I woke up with an erection and I started a few light contractions (as I usually do). This always produces great sensations and I can ride…

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