• My Experience Using The Aneros Vice

    I picked up the Vice earlier this year since I’d heard good things on a few Reddit forums. I was first introduced to Aneros toys with the Syn Trident but I wanted to get something with a vibrator. Hence why I picked up the Vice….

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  • LongTimeComing

    Yesterday, after finishing a productive morning at home, I wanted to cap off the morning by enjoying my MGX. I took a long hot shower, squirted about 5 ml of oil-based lube into my anus, and shea butter on the MGX, and inserted. I went…

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  • Long time listener, first time caller

    So I’ve been a user for a long time, with mixed results. When I first started out, I hadn’t learned that brute force contractions did not lead one to the path of the SO or anything even near that. Instead, I’d basically wear my MGX…

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  • Ride 3 – Blog 1

    I got my first Aneros yesterday. While I’m not new to prostate toys, I’m new to dry orgasms and am so excited about achieving my first experience! I’m still learning, first and foremost, how to leave my dick alone but as I lay in bed…

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  • Aneros virgin: 1st time use

    Hi All, I am so excited (dick in hand-excited) to have just ordered the Syn variety. It should be coming in the mail soon. I’m a 53 yrs old man who had tons of sex as a 20/30 something, job married and fell into a…

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  • What was this?

    Used last night., laying on my back. At abot 90 minutes after doing small contractions My legs started quivering and a had to arch my back, raising torso. While this was happening helix felt like it was moving and expanding on its own. Any ideas…

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  • My Journey to Aneros

    For the last 5 years I have been on a personal pleasure journey. I started with prostate play, which went to trying aneros toys. During this time i have spent countless dollars and hours playing and trying out many toys and things. From prostate play…

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  • Kegels and Reverse Kegels

    In the last few weeks I have been trying something new: alternating kegels and reverse kegels. I had never heard of reverse kegels until reading the forum posts. Reverse kegels are done by relaxing or almost stretching the PC muscles. I get the sensation that…

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  • Out of a relationship, into a new journey

    I’ve been using an aneros since I turned 18. I’m turning 25 this year, and I think only now have I really understood my body and how it responds to the prostate and the aneros. I’ve used a good amount over the years but I…

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  • questions

    Two days so far. first was no big deal This AM it felt better but does not seem to really produce the feelings I used to get with a directed vibrator. The Aneros does not feel like it is hitting the prostate. Any suggestions?

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