• LongTimeComing

    Yesterday, after finishing a productive morning at home, I wanted to cap off the morning by enjoying my MGX. I took a long hot shower, squirted about 5 ml of oil-based lube into my anus, and shea butter on the MGX, and inserted. I went downstairs and sat in a rocker for about 45 minutes watching a few arousing high quality porn scenes. The couple in the scene were clearly beginning to get off on each other, which got me revved up, too! I noticed a fluttering feeling and I started to squeeze a bit harder but slower, gently rocking my hips to feel the MGX rock back and forth. I precum a fair amount, and this time was no exception. The man in the video was pounding out his orgasm inside a beautiful wet hole, and I felt—for the first time ever—the point of no return!! I orgasmed too, man! Then I replayed the last few minutes of the video one more time, and came again! And AGAIN!

    It’s raining today and I’m ahead of schedule, so guess what I’m going to do today….;-)

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