• My Journey to Aneros

    For the last 5 years I have been on a personal pleasure journey. I started with prostate play, which went to trying aneros toys. During this time i have spent countless dollars and hours playing and trying out many toys and things. From prostate play to sounding, I have done it.
    I knew about aneros when I first started prostate play but didnt really buy into the hype. I bought a lelo Billy and it never really got my where I wanted. I tried a lelo Hugo, a Loki and even tried a Dildo. I could not no matter what I did get to any handsfree prostate orgasm bliss. Along the way, i dripped plenty of precum, prostate fluid, lube and managed to have plenty of wonderful orgasms. I could feel my prostate getting rubbed, touched and even pounded. Yet no amazing super o. About 2 years ago I decided to buy an Aneros. I got a progasm ice in red. Buzzing with anticipation and excitement. I relaxed the best I could. Follow the instructions for the most part. Lubed the to and my anus. Slipped it in and immediately felt contact with my prostate. Sweet wonderful instant pleasure. I started my kegals, and the juices really started flowing. About an hour later I couldnt take it anymore and used my hand to finish things off. I was left weak at the knees and wore out. I thought this was pretty good. Amazing Actually. I used it on and off for the next year. I learned out to use it, what my body liked and what it needed. No handsfree though. I picked up a helix classic and immediately was able to have a handsfree orgasm. I really didnt think it could get better until I tried the trident. And that is worthy of an entire post!

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