• 3rd Time the Charm?

    Had a morning session today cause the house was empty. Today I laid on my right side for the first hour, and then rolled to my left side. For previous sessions I was on my left side so I thought I'd see if it made…

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  • My Second Date

    OK, the house cleared for a bit today and thought I could squeeze in my second session. I did about an your, and I'm disappointed because as I'm typing this about an hour after that no one is still home…meaning I could have had another…

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  • 1st Session Ever

    My first session was about a week ago. Very interesting, very frustrating, and very promising all in the same session. I finanlly had the family out of the house for a few hours so it was time for the first test drive. I used Liquid…

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  • Can't get over the EDGE to Dry-O due to STRESS I THINK

    The STRESS of my life situation continues to KILL MY DRY/SUPER-O's! I just finished a VERY NICE two hour session and go right up to the EDGE of a DRY-O but could not seem to spill over into multiple DRY-O's like I had a few…

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  • Tailless Helix

    I decided to have a session this afternoon with my tailless Helix. I prepped as usual by cleaning Helix with soap and water, inserted a bit of KY in my ass using my finger, then lubed up Helix and inserted. This session seemed calmer than…

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  • Eupho and "Boy Spot"

    I am stealing Darwin’s term "Boy Spot" cause I think that is what best describes what I am stimulating. I inserted the Eupho and good prostate pulsing happening almost from the start. I laid on my back first, then switched to side with right leg…

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    I'm keeping a LOG to track my RETURN to success with Aneros. I just had a WONDERFUL session with modified Helix(tail cut off). I just kept REMINDING myself to LET the ORGASM CUM to you, and to NOT RUSH the session. Well, I sure was…

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  • Nothing


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  • Enjoying but still wondering

    Well I will say that I have been pleased with what aneros has bestowed upon me. I have had the chance on several occasions to start with the Helix, and work with it for an hour or so, achiving, great shutters in my body, very…

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  • catchemup

    Well I think I can say I am on my way. Purchased the aneros (maximus) in February 07. The first few sessions were successful. Good feelings, some precum and more volume when jacking off. Then came a long dry spell with mostly dud sessions. In…

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