• My Experience Using The Aneros Vice

    I picked up the Vice earlier this year since I’d heard good things on a few Reddit forums. I was first introduced to Aneros toys with the Syn Trident but I wanted to get something with a vibrator. Hence why I picked up the Vice.

    The Vice is a little different to most vibrating prostate massagers in the sense that the battery powered vibrator slides into the middle of the toy and can be easily removed which has proved very useful for cleaning.

    The toy itself has a nice girth to it. It’s not too wide but also wide enough to give me the feeling of fullness I enjoy from anal toys. Add in some vibrations and you’ve got the entire package required for leg-shaking prostate orgasms. The Vice never fails to please.

    Overall, I’d highly recommend this prostate massager to anybody whether you’re a complete noob or an experienced prostate player like myself.

    I wrote a full review here if you’re interested in reading about my full experience:

    Aneros Vice Review

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