• Aneros virgin: 1st time use

    Hi All,
    I am so excited (dick in hand-excited) to have just ordered the Syn variety. It should be coming in the mail soon.

    I’m a 53 yrs old man who had tons of sex as a 20/30 something, job married and fell into a routine. Then about two years ago I suddenly became dick and bulge obsessed, which lead to Taoism. It’s been about a week since I shot my load, but that was only because I was having sex with my partner… who really wanted my cum that morning. Oh well. Before that, I had retained semen for approx four months. I really like the Taoist philosophy of being hard as often as possible and for as long as possible, just don’t ejaculate (so you can do it again in a couple hours.)

    Blue balls resulting from the mandatory half-hour minimum daily edging sessions (though some days, if it’s slow, I’ll squeeze in four such sessions–pretty cool, and could never have had that much sex without Tao). Anyway, the blue-balls are both a problem and a great thing. On the plus side, the bluer they are the better it feels to massage them (and get hard again). On the down side, it’s not always 100% convenient to just jack off. I those cases the blue balls are annoying. Regardless, I’m feeling a bit plugged up down below.

    Anyway, somehow that led me to the notion of prostate massage to free up some of that pluggedness, while maintaining semen retention. Seeing this blog-space makes me very happy as I see there are many others exploring the same sexual conquests that I am. Looking forward (hopingly) to someday experiencing a Super-O. I’ve been doing Keigel’s for the last two years, and I can totally imagine how the device must work. My butt is getting all tingly just thinking about it. The idea of a device that essentially fucks you as you either masterbate or play with your lover sounds awesome. Sounds like it will make edging more “difficult,” though I gladly accept the challenge!!

    Any tips?


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      10/03/2018at11:47 pm

      Check out my first blog. After about 5 months of careful research and fine tuning, I got to the point where I can have super-o’s almost at will. Be patient, relax, and don’t get discouraged. If your mind starts wandering try again later. My best sessions are when my mind stays blank and I focus on breathing and clenching. When I switched to the Maximus Trident things moved very quickly, but your perfect model may be something different.

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