• Ride 3 – Blog 1

    I got my first Aneros yesterday. While I’m not new to prostate toys, I’m new to dry orgasms and am so excited about achieving my first experience!

    I’m still learning, first and foremost, how to leave my dick alone but as I lay in bed watching a guy demo his Helix, Cumming over and over and over, I definitely felt as though I was getting somewhere..

    I lived myself up and started with a finger, gently massaging the outside of my hole, dipping the pad of my finger in slightly as it opened up to tease my anus further. When I was ready, the Helix slipped in and nuzzled itself up against my prostate nicely, and I began to gently raise my PC muscles for a second or two, before gently pressing my sphincter back down again.. As I did this, gently contracting harden then softer, my dick became rock hard and I began to ooze Previn all over my stomach, through my trail and upcto my belly button.

    As I watched the guy in the video climax over and over, inspiring me to keep going, I lifted a huge drop of pre from my slit and smeared it over my right nipple before beginning to gently slide my finger over it – watching my dick pulse and twitch in time to the contractions of my ass.

    I switched to some audio porn and listened to this guy jerking himself off and as I did so, my cock started to stand up as I lay on my back, in time with each contraction. As I listened to him begin to near climax, I couldn’t help but grab my dick in my left hand, smearing the pre all over my palm and down the shaft in long, luxurious strokes, all over the head of my cock and the shaft.

    I felt my orgasm begin to build and I kept going, contenting the helix harder and harder until all of a sudden, I began shooting cum all up my stomach, to my chest – a feat I can normally only manage after a few days of leaving it alone. I was breathless for a second and although disappointed I hadn’t managed the lengthy session with my Helix that I had planned, I felt satisfied. Seeing my cock pulse and leak, watching it harden to the point where my head was shiny and wet was so arousing..

    I can’t wait for more….

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