• lolipo

    what anaeros should i start with if i’m new to prostate massagin ?

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  • Don't Get Discouraged

    It is easy to get discouraged. Initially, I tried to make the Aneros products work. Proactive breathing and the like weren’t particularly effective. Soon anal entry was no problem. The sphincter muscles and G-spot were sort of in training mode, but it all didn’t seem…

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  • First use of the original Helix

    Hey everyone. I just bought my first prostate massager and went with the Helix model. It looked like it was great for beginners so I decided to give it a try. I read all the stories of these amazing experiences. I didn’t get anything really…

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  • Overnight Sleeper

    I have always wanted to travel on an overnight sleeper train but hadn’t had the opportunity until now. Here is my experience with aless on the train. The sleeper cabin was warm and comfortable and I had it to myself for 12 hours. After dinner…

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  • Full ejaculation

    This is a first for me. I have had many hours of precum leaking and small orgasms with hard-soft cycling (posted vids even), ending with jo. This time those built into two violent hole clenching orgasms. Then a final one with a complete release of…

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  • My thoughts on…an Intro

    Hi everyone. This is a blog I guess! I’ve been a member on this site for 9 years and an aneros ‘rider’ for almost 12. I don’t post much on the forum, but I do chat…quite a lot! In the chatroom originally but now mostly…

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  • ANEROS use with no prostate

    Hello. This is my 1st post and I am hoping that others may be able to answer a question I have about the ANEROS, please? I had my prostate removed about 10 months ago and just about like all men who have been through this,…

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  • Video Submissions for Male Squirting

    Hey all. So I made a compilation video a couple months back about male squirting here: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58ea137d60388 For those who don’t know what male squirting is, it’s the equivalent to female squirting but for men. Often called by other terms like the “rosy palm method”,…

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  • I'm scared. Will this feeling go away!?

    I don’t know if anyway has this experience before but I feel like I damge myself. I have this consent prostate arousal that won’t again. No matter how many time I “release” myself. The prostate arousal will not go away. It’s keeping me up at…

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  • Firstanero

    After 2 weeks of research i bought a “vice” modle. Because it vibrates. I have read many reviews for many prostrate massage devices. Not having too much experience with prostrate massagers i am anxious and curious about what is to come.

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