• Kegels and Reverse Kegels

    In the last few weeks I have been trying something new: alternating kegels and reverse kegels. I had never heard of reverse kegels until reading the forum posts. Reverse kegels are done by relaxing or almost stretching the PC muscles. I get the sensation that the pelvic region is “yawning” and enlarging during a reverse kegel. I have used this technique mostly during A-less sessions and the results have been excellent.

    I begin with a moderate kegel contraction (approximately 30 to 40%) and hold for several seconds. I don’t time the contraction. I usually wait until I feel a slight quiver or pulse in the muscles or prostate. Then I do the reverse kegel. I often feel the quiver or pulse strengthen a bit. All of this is done slowly while breathing deeply and relaxing as much as possible. After several minutes of this alternation I usually feel a series of mini-Os and occasionally some stronger dry-Os. Once (several days ago) it led to one of the biggest Super-Os I’ve ever experienced. I had full body tingling and shaking. I could feel the distinct build up of a new wave as the previous one was subsiding. If I counted accurately there were three huge waves and two smaller ones before I was finished. I haven’t tried this technique since then. As each session is unique it would be foolish to expect an exact repeat of the previous one. I’m satisfied to be on an interesting journey and appreciative of whatever comes my way.

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