• Surrender and Take It Like the Man that You ARE!

    Time is tapping on my shoulder and I have to be somewhere, so I'll make this quick. During my life thus far, I've had numerous dalliances with men of my own ilk and while some were satisfying many were not. However, it's the satisfying ones…

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  • Drifting through deeper levels of relaxation

    I have been getting back into Anna Coy's Breathe for the Health of It mp3 series. She guides you down through the body as you consciously breathe into different parts of your body and relax your muscles. It's very soothing and I often fall asleep…

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  • Electric Juice

    I have recently been experimenting with semen retention, as I have not had a traditional orgasm in about 2 weeks. During that time I have been enjoying the new found energy and overall orgasmic sensations that can be subtle through out the day. Each night…

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  • Better late than never

    Hello All! I figured that after 5 years of off and on Aneros use I would finally de-lurk from the forum and start a blog of my journey. My journey began during my senior year of college as I became curious about this piece of…

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  • Quick time and interruption

    Great session today that, as so many do, ended up creating even more questions in my mind. I started on my left side and got some great pulses going and then switched on my back. Had a good 1/2 hour of sustained high level pleasure….

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  • excitedly confused

    I had another session Saturday evening and it was wonderful. Did something I hadn't done since my very first or second session, and that was after starting on my back I laid on my LEFT side. Results were immediate. I was hardly contracting, in fact…

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  • this journey is insane

    Ok, first, some catching up to do since the last time I blogged. First, I've had in total about 6 session since I last posted here. The first three were good, but endlessly frustrating. They got that way because they were too good. Or, too…

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  • Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

    Ok, even though I've always told myself that I'm not going to be results oriented with my Aneros, it never fails that as soon as things feel good I find my mind not only enjoying the sensations, but also wondering if I'm finally going to…

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  • The Proverbial Quickie

    Well, it was an hour well spent. No dry or wet O's to speak of, but enjoyable. First, I think I need more than an hour for a session, or at least have available more than an hour. Because by the time I think I…

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  • This isn't a fork in the road, it's a spoon

    What I learned today will hopefully help me on my road to the super O. I've read so many recommendations about letting your body go, and letting it guide the way. I understood the words, but never the true meaning until today. And, there is…

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