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Why BLOG? A blog is a great way for you and other Aneros users to follow our progress with your Aneros. It is very interesting to see post by post how a fellow user discovers new things about his body along the journey to the Super Orgasm. A blog is an easy way to track this progression.


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All Posts from The Joy of The Sexless Marriage

My doctor decided to take me off the meds as my BP and Cholesterol did not test out any lower. Funny thing is, now off the meds my BP is averaging a little lower and my cholesterol is testing lower too :) But then I've been getting quite a bit more exercise. Wife and I have decided to continue wi Read More....

by wetdream63

2019-01-30 15:00:59 1277

still here but less riding Kegel helps?

All Posts from My Journey

I've lost some of the faith for the SO but still really enjoy the riding and now have a new job that is a big time suck. HOWEVER.... I have noticed something very strange lately - instead of a a-ride, I have just masturbated with porn once a week or two weeks. I am married but heading for a divorce Read More....

by jd05

2019-01-06 13:47:14 465

SR how long is too long?

All Posts from Harper’s blog

I recently ended an almost 5 week run without ejaculating. The initial urge eventually subsided and I was carried the rest of the way by some wonderfully high level constant arousal. During that time I passed another milestone, quite unintentionally I achieved a Super O by tickling my upper palate w Read More....

by harper

2019-01-04 19:56:44 1072

A while later

All Posts from atoby69

Initially had nice tingling around knob and prostate area with some precum. Finding it very frustrating lately very little if no sensations. Except the full sensation has gone. In a warm bath now with it in Not feeling much. Just trying to relax completely!! Feel like peeing!! Read More....

by atoby69

2018-12-30 19:47:09 1214

Some progress

All Posts from Kristianvoorhies

I’ve made little progress since my last blog. I’ve actually felt some pleasure not in my prostate but in my anus. I’ve decided that since I can feel sensations in my anus I would focus on that since I don’t really feel anything in my prostate. Not until I’m very aroused anyway. Here’s ho Read More....

by kristianleevoorhies

2018-12-20 07:25:35 1320

first time with hypnaerosession (blew me away)

All Posts from abbakym

My god was it something. The idea to combine aneros with hypnosis always seemed promising. As I had mentioned before, I tried some "erotic hypnosis" tracks on pornhub but they were a huge distraction (although pleasurable). I also tried some general relaxation self-hypnosis before the sessions. So Read More....

by abbakym

2018-11-13 07:27:33 1295

Sessions 11 and 12

All Posts from Me and My Trident

Hello all. I’ve had a couple sessions since I last found time to write. I won’t take a lot of time to write out all the details of each session, but I would like to state some observations I made. With both sessions, I started out laying on the couch. I like the natural positioning of my bod Read More....

by synath

2018-10-21 15:29:18 1260

Releasing a bit of tension

All Posts from a journey of a thousand steps

So I had therapy today to talk about some of the stuff with my mom, so I was pretty chill when I got home. After therapy I went to a Starbucks and read a chapter of 12 rules for life about raising your children. It didn't quite hit on the "don't be an absolute monster to your kids" that I thought it Read More....


2018-10-09 05:11:02 1271

Second Time

All Posts from Second

Hey guys I just purchased a Helix Syn and already had two sessions. I have not reached the super o but am starting to get some p waves and have powerful ejaculations at the end of my sessions. I usually lay on my back and wear boxers during the session since I like the tightness around my balls. I w Read More....

by bigsnake30

2018-09-28 19:58:45 1263

The aftermath of a Super O?

All Posts from Scottishgasm

It's been around 2 days since my first Super O, and every ten minutes or so since, I get a shooting sensation of gasmic bliss up my bum. It shoots from my prostate to my tummy, leaves a slight sensation of butterflies, like I've just gone over a small drop in a car. it lasts nano seconds each time. Read More....

by masked

2018-08-10 22:11:51 1061

Reaching orgasmic levels

All Posts from Clown's Blog

I have owned a Progasm Black Ice and a Helix Syn for about 2 years now. When I started off I experienced very nice pleasure waves through my body and have always enjoyed the sessions. But for about 4 months I did not experience any orgasms except for one time when I felt a sharp orgasmic feeling whi Read More....

by clown

2018-08-06 20:59:49 1551

Different Product

All Posts from My Vice & Progasm Ivory Experience

Being experienced with prostate play and vibrating massagers, I didn't know what to expect out of this inexpensive device. $26.99. This guy packs a wallop or power and vibrations. It lays right on my prostate gland and hits just right. I like the large bulbous head. It assist in keeping the device i Read More....

by awired50

2018-07-07 18:53:20 438

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