• A Week of Wonders (Oct 2021)

    After all of my success, I have experienced several months (or even a few years) of dull or limiting sessions in my Aneros journey in 2019/2020 I have almost stopped having them. I posted about this in my previous entry. I knew I would return to Aneros one day, but every time I tried it seemed to go nowhere. I tried to be aroused just enough, and simultaneously relax using all my previous learnings, but no matter what I tried, it didn’t bring me the same level of pleasure.

    Then, as we rolled into the new decade, I suddenly and unexpectedly reached new heights. It started with finding out that I may be alone for several days and nights that inspired me to prepare mentally and physically for potentially long sessions that would allow me to relax and re-discover pleasure, and continue my journey. I was getting very excited about that. Whilst that didn’t transpire, I held back and decided not to orgasm in a traditional way. What followed was completely unbelievable, phenomenal and blew my mind completely.

    Day 1 – On day 1, my partner went to bed early. He didn’t know that I was holding out, so I decided to just lay next to him and slip in a generic massager that was closest to me. I didn’t experience any overwhelming sensations, but it was pleasant. This increased my arousal further and I wanted more.

    Day 2 – During the next morning when I was alone in the room, I inserted that same generic toy and just laid in bed on my side whilst my body started to produce some incredible pleasurable feelings. The session lasted over an hour and I was hooked. I remained very aroused, but had my day planned out being with people. However, in the evening, I really wanted to bottom for my partner (I usually top). When I bottom, it is pleasant, but I have never experienced any significant physical sensations. I think this time I was ready both physically and mentally for something to happen and I went for it. When we finally had sex, it unexpectedly lasted over 40mins as he couldn’t cum. But then, this actually resulted in something stupefying. For the first time ever in my life, after all this time, as I was riding and he was getting frustrated, I felt an orgasm approaching. I kept going and had two consecutive shivering and shaking dry anal orgasms, that blew my mind completely. I could have continued perhaps, but he came and we were done.

    Afterwards I just laid there and couldn’t believe what was happening. My body was still lightly shivering with pleasure. Obviously, he was also very happy with himself. I decided not to ejaculate and keep going.

    Day 3 – I remained very aroused, browsing forums, perusing erotic materials and just generally thinking about prostate pleasure and what else I could do to keep it going.

    Day 4 – With even more arousal building, I decided that I wanted another good night of sex. I rode my partner again, it was good but not as good as the previous time. I was still satisfied and so was he, but he hasn’t topped me since.

    Day 5 – Day away with friends, I took a break.

    Day 6 – I was not working today and booked a day use hotel to have some time with my Aneros. My partner was at work but our housemate was home, so I wouldn’t have been completely alone. I packed my Aneros MGX, Progasm, generic toy, NJoy wand, coconut oil and went for it. Felt strange as I’ve never booked a hotel before just for an Aneros session. But I was in for an incredible treat. I closed the curtains, inserted my MGX and laid still. It took a while to kick in but I started feeling p-waves, followed by beautiful dry Os and a light flutter of meltin0g away into the mattress that I have forgotten about from previous years. I switched to my second toy and my dry Os intensified, alongside body melting and mind altering pleasure. When I finally inserted the Progasm, I didn’t have to relax anew, I rubbed my nipples and dry Os just came to me on demand. I milked myself a little at the end just to alleviate some tension. In the end, I counted that I spent nearly 5 hours in an orgasmic state, one way or another. I came back home and my partner wanted to keep fucking me (this only happened once before I our relationship) so I was only happy to oblige, it was great, I almost came again from the sensation.

    Day 7. I felt very naughty because I quietly booked a day off from work and a second hotel day away in the city. This time I packed only my MGX and Progasm and bought a relatively normal sized smooth suction cup massager as a way to try more riding at the end. I wasn’t very positive anything will happen anymore. I thought my body and my prostate will be exhausted and I will end up just watching TV or reading, and having a relaxing day off. But it was even more incredible, I inserted my MGX and after an hour I finally reached that transcendent state when time stops. I could keep going in that state until about 3 hours in. Combined with this I finally had true superOs where time is melting and I have calm waves orgasms combined with super strong physical prostate orgasms. After four hours I stopped and tried my suction cup toy. It was difficult to find the right position but I ended up having a couple of intense miniOs with some release with it that were really superb. At home, my partner was still thrilled that I was holding out and fucked me a little again then slowly and finally brought me to an powerful SuperT ejaculatory orgasm all over myself.

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