• My Thoughts after several weeks of trying this New Phase of Self-Exploration

    First of all, there’s a helluva lot of unhealthy masculine self-image and homophobia that I needed to get over to begin and continue this journey of self-exploration and enjoyment. Frankly, I’d always considered myself to be a pretty fair and open person. Pushing beyond my comfort zones has revealed otherwise.

    I’m also learning that I really enjoy the stimulation of my anus being fondled & penetrated. The way that my sphincter kisses and swallows in my Aneros tool/toy is simply incredible. Playing with and fucking my asshole with it just feels great! Kinda funny that I’m not emasculated by typing this, but it just makes sense. Who doesn’t feel good about having a good solid shit?

    Still, I’m not drawn to men or penises. Females are currently my only preferred sexual partners outside of my own self-pleasuring. However, I better understand how someone can be attracted to same-sex partners.

    My only regret (if that is even the proper word) is I wish that I’d learned this earlier in my life when major decisions or choices were heavily influenced by my strong sex drive.

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