• Nipple Orgasmic (Feb 2022)

    Just before Christmas, I had a full body orgasm riding my partner. It never happened before or since. I felt over the moon that night. Even though he was also exhilarated with the result, he hasn’t shown much interest in fucking me regularly. He doesn’t usually like topping and I am not planning to cheat. When I top, I enjoy sex a lot but I am also a much more sexual person than he is. So I decided that I want a to explore the possibility of a receptive orgasm through intercourse using another solution. Over Christmas, I purchased a real powerful fucking machine to test my limits and find out if I could orgasm again from the stimulation alone. I couldn’t reach the same level of pleasure and felt guilty about using it, so in the end I got rid of it. But it was an experience in itself that I can share in another post.

    After Christmas, my schedule really intensified. In order to maintain a clear head in this busy period, I masturbated every morning before work. It kept my fantasies and my Aneros at bay. I simply didn’t have time for it. My partner also worked short days and was mostly at home, which prevented me having a session on my days off. I was no longer travelling for work due to Covid, so couldn’t take an Aneros with me for a night away. We had sex occasionally, and it was great, but I still wanted to keep my options open on Aneros. My only option was massaging my nipples quietly in bed at night and I was getting more and more out of it.

    One morning a few days ago, I looked at some porn and became excited. My partner was finally away for work for the day. His sister is staying with us, so unfortunately, I was not home alone. I quietly slipped in an Aneros trident, my most recent purchase, and started lightly circling my left nipple. I was still browsing porn at my work desk as the feelings picked up. I started to have intense sensations and my legs started to tremble. So I decided to sit up more comfortably in bed over lunch break to see what happens. Finally, I felt tingling deeper inside me. I shut down my phone and looked up at the sealing instead.

    T-30 My session intensified after 30 minutes, when I had my first dry orgasm. I enjoy these and they are usually as far as I can get without proper prep, mood and deep relaxation. I continued to stimulate my left nipple with my right hand, shut my eyes and lied down fully. My body became more and more relaxed. Another dry orgasm came and went, but I wanted to keep playing. A third dry orgasm was accompanied with some pleasant light-headedness and deeper pressure inside. The trident has started to flutter and P waves intensified.

    T-60, At around T-60 I had what I would call a full body orgasm. The trident was moving inside and causing waves of pleasure to wash over me. I opened my eyes and mouth and started to breathe more heavily. This was followed by intense shaking, and then another orgasm. As the pleasure built for another orgasm, I considered it to be the top of the playlist. I had out of body feelings, deep pleasure, I was moaning softly. Based on my experiences in the last few years, I thought that this could now be considered a super orgasm. I was in state of bliss, as I continued to lightly stimulate my left nipple. I was prepared to recap this as an unexpectedly great session. But I just wanted to keep going for a little while longer.

    T-90, Then, a sudden explosion made me moan intensively without any apprehension as my body shook violently and an incredibly intense super orgasm desolated my other senses. My vison blacked out and every single cell in my body electrified and seized up. It felt as I was hit by lighting. In that moment, my finger lifted off my nipple and shook along with my other limbs. I tried to return to it but it was such as fierce tremble that I was unable to do it. Somewhere deep in my head I knew I didn’t have to. I believe that this was the highest form of pleasure possible and ever known to man. This was followed by feelings of an ecstatic high, sheer disbelief and rapture as my body quivered in post orgasm euphoria. Saliva dripped out of my open mind and pre-cum was flowing freely from my penis.

    I knew that something so incredible happened, and it doesn’t happen often. I was on my back, fully conscious, quivering and sweating as every inch of me questioned reality. This doesn’t happen often, and it doesn’t happen with orgasms that I normally believe are super orgasms. I consider an amazing incredible Aneros session to contain deep pulsating waves of pleasure, accompanies by a loss of senses, drifting out of my consciousness, which starts with the feelings of vertigo and spinning. But this was an electrical orgasm storm. I probably experienced it only a few times without any THC and talked about it in another topic ‘Out of body’ referring it to Level X. And I have written it off as rare event in order enjoy the other mind-blowing prostate massage sessions that would follow. But it just goes to show that you can still be surprised over and over again.

    I returned to massaging my nipple and felt waves of pleasure building deep inside. I thought of the world of possibilities, including other forms of orgasms that I could still have. But, abruptly, I realized that a lot of time has passed from the start of the session and heard my partner’s sister walk into the kitchen next door. I also saw a message blinking on my work laptop. I knew that there’s a chance that she will knock on the door to ask if I wanted a coffee. And the fact that my 45min session ran for 1hr45min without me realizing it. I didn’t want to get up and was lightheaded and trembling. I was in a dungeon of gods fucking my body to oblivion, and here it was time to return to normality.

    I have learned that I normally need 3-4 hours for an Aneros session and deep pleasure to build, taking me for a wild ride. Ideally there would be no distractions. But with nipple stimulation, there is a way to shortcut this. Particularly when I only have a lunch break to practice. I felt satisfied but, at the same time, knew that I wasted an opportunity to see if I could return to this magical world if I had more time. Perhaps on another day

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