• Cheating with THC (March 2022)

    Under normal circumstances, I build my arousal for several days, then set the mood in advance for a 3-4 hour session at the very least. I start to breathe deeply to relax, self-hypnotise to sink deeper, let go, surrender and visualise a variety of images and stories before anything starts to happen. In a few hours, I start to float and really get into the session. I have P-waves, a couple of dry orgasms and mental calm seas pleasure. I feel relieved and satisfied and then get on with my day. Every fourth session or so, I’m able to achieve a super orgasm. I then lay there out of breath and count my blessings thinking about this amazing world and the pleasure within (it only happens after the 3-4 hours of play). It’s outrageously amazing and I wish that every man had a chance to experience it, but..

    With THC, it is a completely different story. Aneros just takes over my body and fucks me endlessly into oblivion in any possible position and with all possible orgasm variations you can imagine. It almost doesn’t matter what I have experienced prior, and what I normally write or say about an ordinary Aneros session. With a bit of THC, everything just becomes superbly enhanced. In fact, those sessions are so different, that I feel that it is a completely different reality or universe.

    For starters, I start to orgasm uncontrollably as soon as I insert Aneros and can go endlessly the entire night. It also removes my refractory period so at the end of session I could masturbate three times and ejaculate each time without stopping. Orgasms are severely enhanced, I can stay on the edge indefinitely and control the pleasure as it builds and spreads throughout my body. It is the same with sex, and I can have sex with my partner several times throughout the night, as long as the effects sustain.

    For me, nothing compares to fucking or being fucked on THC, whether with an Aneros or otherwise.

    However, I don’t like it. I have only used it a handful of times (always with the same results) maybe once a year or so. This is because I always take too much, and then feel groggy and out of place for the next three days or more. I have never found the right dose so that this doesn’t happen. It just completely messes up my headspace and I would need a few days completely alone without work or people to get back to normal. This is usually not possible, and I have gotten into trouble because of it before, both at work and at home. It is not pleasant, and I am therefore not the one to advocate its use.

    But if the circumstances allow for others, it can absolutely help advance prostate play or sex with your partner, or any other sexual experience. However, if I plan to use it ever again, I absolutely need learn to dose properly and only use it on occasion to help me relax. Otherwise there’s no use.

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