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Why BLOG? A blog is a great way for you and other Aneros users to follow our progress with your Aneros. It is very interesting to see post by post how a fellow user discovers new things about his body along the journey to the Super Orgasm. A blog is an easy way to track this progression.


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A few weeks in

All Posts from bob21030

Wondering about next steps Read More....

by bob21030

04/22/2024 1809

Returning after all these years

All Posts from bob21030

My first entry after restarting my Aneros sessions. Read More....

by bob21030

04/09/2024 1809

The Top Reasons to Add Butt Plugs to Your Sexual Routine

All Posts from myrubylips

Butt plugs are sex toys designed to be inserted into the anus for sexual pleasure. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, like silicone, glass, and metal. Read More....

by myrubylips

03/26/2024 1809

test omar

All Posts from omar

adding Read More....

by omar

02/10/2024 1922

8th Anniversary of Aneros and Prostate Play

All Posts from ggringo

A few details of my journey's progress after 8 years Read More....

by ggringo

01/28/2024 1614

Off to a good start

All Posts from mclovinit

New to this, but can’t remember how I discovered Aneros !   That helix syn is giving me results that make me feel like I leapt in the air and floated down like that dog in Quickdraw McDraw cartoons 😍.   Can’t wait for my progasm ice... Read More....

by mclovinit

01/13/2024 1809

Upcoming Anniversary

All Posts from ggringo

Back on Blogging? Read More....

by ggringo

01/11/2024 1614

Pleasure with Adderall

All Posts from mdtofl

I’ve been using the MGX for about 1yr 4mth. Had a few shuttle good feelings, nothing orgasmic or very special. I tend to go all day these days. Recently, I’ve noticed, really, really good feelings, sharp almost, randomly when I would bend down or bend... Read More....

by mdtofl

11/14/2023 1809

Leaves in the Wind Upload 4

All Posts from gnawdol

In quiet moments when outside distraction is mitigated by the absence of color, excitement or stimulation I am left to ponder my life, its events and my experiences. Sitting in the dull icy quiet of the van the stark reality of Marie’s and my relationship... Read More....

by gnawdol

10/22/2023 1809

Leaves in the Wind Upload 3

All Posts from gnawdol

Looking through the ice obscured view of the windshield I thought about how much it was a physical metaphor for my life. My future was a unclear vision. I thought about the sensual freewheeling and fast moving weeks that were ahead of me and the... Read More....

by gnawdol

10/21/2023 1809

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