• The Elusive Aless Orgasm (Jan 2022)

    Some say that they need the right mood, others champion spontaneity. There are some that claim to have it on demand as soon as they close their eyes. Previous prostate play experience helps a lot, as you can link back to the experience of using an Aneros or another toy. To me, I rarely do it and rarely to reach the same level of pleasure. But maybe I should invest more time into it. No prep, no clean-up.

    If I am in the right state of mind, I will attempt Aless at night. My technique is to imagine that I have an Aneros inside, slowly moving and touching all the right spots. Then my session almost matches an Aneros session. Only once I have ended up with an Aless super O.

    Nipples help for sure! But I don’t consider it fully Aless, more like nipple induced prostate orgasms. Just last night my partner began stimulating my nipples during sex. I became superbly excited and had a few dry Os in the process, which was amazing. Afterwards, my prostate fluttered, and I didn’t want to cum yet. I decided that I wanted to stay in the arousal mode.

    Then, as he fell asleep, I slowly began Aless contractions and reached a sweaty shaking orgasm. It wasn’t very intense, but I imagined a toy going in and out, and visualised it massaging my prostate. In the process that took over an hour, I had several strange visuals that enhanced the experience. I saw a finger or a hand there, reaching in and tickling my pSpot, I imagined being fucked and stimulated. And I just wanted to surrender and submit to the experience.

    The wonderful or terrible thing is. There’s nothing you can pull out so its hard to stop an aless session. For me I had to get up several times to distract myself otherwise I wasn’t able to sleep.

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