• Anal Orgasms… 10 Years On (April 2022)

    Welcome back to my blog! Several of my original entries were deleted due to website issues this year, so I decided to repost them. I do not have the original comments to most of the posts, so feel free to comment again! Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading about my Aneros journey.

    I typically use Aneros when there’s plenty of time, I am alone and I can relax to enjoy it. My partner used to travel a lot for work, but doesn’t do it so much anymore. We also share a large house with his family member, so I am rarely here by myself. I still enjoy sex with my partner and it is amazing both when I top and when I bottom, but I never cum handsfree. was always envious of those that can find a way to do so and particularly have a HFWO which I have never had. Never ever. I have tried riding my partner every which way, every form of toy and spent a lot of money buying and throwing things out like fucking machines or supplements and even shrooms that simply didn’t work or change anything. In the end, I simply considered myself to be one of those people for whom it will never happen. I own an nJoy wand but only use it sometimes to milk myself after an Aneros session, never deriving substantial sexual pleasure or orgasming from it.

    Aneros is a wonder. It can get me to a deep orgasmic state with mind shattering bliss if I have at least 5-6 hours of time and no distractions. Aneros is a toy of all toys if you want to get lost in mental or physical pleasure where you will lose a sense of time and space. What works for me is extreme relaxation and plenty of time. But I still remained curious over having an anal orgasm. When I finally lost hope trying, it actually happened. I was riding my partner once over months ago quietly in the middle of the night, and maybe it was my mental state, our shared energy, or something, and I started to shake and shiver as waves of pleasure washed over me. It was amazing, I felt weak in my knees, euphoric. I kept saying how crazy good this was and wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. That got me curious again, but I was not able to recreate it, so had to give up again. Maybe it was expectations and trying too hard, but I wrote it off as once in a lifetime experience.

    2022: the game has now changed due to THC. And I don’t need to use it every time.

    Now that I think about it, the first time I tried THC, it certainly accelerated my Aneros rewiring experience. But I found it hard to come buy, it didn’t feel great afterwards (I had too much) and I didn’t want to become dependent on it. So I proceeded without. The next time I tried it, it activated my nipples, allowing me to get to prostate orgasms quicker. But once again, I felt poorly afterwards and stopped. However, about a month ago, my partner was travelling again, and have obtained a small amount of edibles. I had some and experienced a phenomenal Aneros session with multiple prostate superOs. Then, at the end, I became curious as to how would it feel to ride a dildo, which I have never tried on THC before. I first used my nJoy wand and that had me tingling all over my body. Then I found a toy I had kept, rode and had a beautiful dry anal orgasm, recreating the feeling I had with my partner that one night. This rocked my world and I was eager to try again, this time sober.

    Fast forward to last night. After a good session of stimulating my nipples and a little time with my Aneros, I suddenly remembered to try riding a dildo again. I inserted it and started to slowly move up and down. After a while, my forehead started to feel warm, I started to flush and sweat profusely, I speeded up and felt a dry anal orgasm approaching. I moaned and came. Looking down, it felt like I was cumming, but I wasn’t sure there was enough to consider it a HWFO. I wanted to stop but something told me to keep it going. A voice in my head told me that this session will be different from a previous one. So I kept going, and felt another orgasm approaching. This time, it was different. I screamed and moaned without hesitation as I looked down. I was cumming. I came and came and came. In the end, I sprayed my headboard and my bed so much that no doubt remains. It finally happened.

    Previously, after an unsuccessful session, I felt annoyed and spent. This time, I feel euphoric, both from the experience and the achievement. I feel so much energy, despite it being late. It felt like I’ve just had several coffees. I am so happy. In comparison, it maybe wasn’t as good as an Aneros SuperO, but it was absolutely worth it. Now I understand the feeling, and will be eagerly awaiting the next session. Who knows, maybe I could do it with my partner regularly, when I bottom. It feels like that first time, THC unlocked something deep inside me that I was never able to unlock previously.


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      08/15/2022at1:04 am

      great! I love your story and I am just starting my aneros adventures 😉

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