• Aneros and Hitachi

    In my never ending quest for more and more Super-Os, I figured I might try getting a Progasm to vibrate. Aneros already makes the Vice2 but that was too steep for my budget. Since I already has a Hitachi magic wand for my partner, I thought I would just hold it against the Prograsm. No good: rattles the Program and vibration WAY too strong. Tried a washcloth between them. Still too strong. Then bought a speed controller on which you rotate a dial to go from barely vibrating up gradually to full blast. And taped the Progasm to the Hitachi. Firmly. After a couple of drinks to relax, started this rig up at lowest setting and OMG. After about 5 or 10 minutes, the Super-O starts and it keeps going and going like normal but then it won’t stop. Shaking and morning, I’m controlled by the machine. Every time there’s a pause in the Super-O —- bang it comes back faster and harder.  “I’m not going to come, I’m not going to come, I’m not going to…omg, here I go again!” All at low speed. Then on the next round, I turn up the vibes very gradually and it gets crazier. And so on for two hours. In a word, unbelievable. And now I now I focus intensely on the experience, the muscle memory kicks in, and a brief clench leads to a Super-O with NO Aneros or Hitachi. So now I’m rewired to a wired machine. And it just happened again while writing this. Whew

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