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    Hello All!
    I figured that after 5 years of off and on Aneros use I would finally de-lurk from the forum and start a blog of my journey.
    My journey began during my senior year of college as I became curious about this piece of plastic and claims of multiple orgasms and biofeedback loops. I was studying anatomy and physiology at the time and was very aware of the bodies capabilities for learning new "tricks." After reading Brian Mayfield's posts on the forum I knew I had to give this toy a try! I ordered the Helix and soon after was hooked on the new found orgasmic possibilities that did not always have to end in traditional ejaculation. (Haha let's just say I had beat my meat plenty up until that point and I was always kind of jealous when I watched porn because I wanted to experience the non-refractory bliss that seemed to be experienced by females.)
    Within a year I had experienced many different nights filled with orgasmic energies. Full-body shaking, anal-contracting, prostate pulsating, bliss overtaking, sessions that left me re-wired and hungry for more.
    I ventured over to KSMO and things really started to heat up. I could summon involuntaries simply by thoughts alone. I was truly enjoying my journey. However, I would take prolonged breaks from it all due to my religious beliefs and the moral dilemma that I was finding myself in.
    2 years ago, while practicing KSMO, I had a profound experience where I felt myself melt into a single ball of energy. No longer did I have a penis or sexual organs for that matter. I was the orgasm. It was the most intense experience I have ever had in my life. It was amazing and scary all at once. When I came out of my ball of bliss, I was dizzy, disoriented, and felt "ungrounded." Days passed and I started having weird symptoms arise. Unrestful sleep, tingling in my legs, inability to focus my eyes, sensitivity to light. I began to look up possible answers to my problems and concluded that I was experiencing Kundalini Syndrome. This scared me to death. I thought I was going to die and that I was being punished for my sins. During the weeks and months to come I had racing heart beats, shortness of breath, flashes of color at night, and disassociation phenomena where I felt like I was in the third person or like reality had become a movie. It was really weird horrible! My doctor convinced me I was having anxiety attacks and that I should see a therapist. I finally did and he put me on a pyschotropic drug that indeed diminished my anxiety and bouts of panic. However, months passed and I still felt lousy and not myself. In fact I was losing touch with what NORMAL felt like. I took a semester off from school to try and get well. More tests were done and finally I was given the diagnosis of Lyme Disease. I was relieved, finally something to explain all my outrageous symptoms and lack of energy.
    Fast forward two years to the present. I am finally getting my health back to normal. I had to go the alternative-health route. Anti-biotics did not work for me. Thankfully I found a chiropractor that did applied kinesiology and chinese herbs/medicine.
    If anyone has a health crisis please don't hesitate to tell me about it. I have learned so much over the past 2 years and have tried many different treatments for Lyme as well as depression, chronic fatigue, join pain, to name a few.
    So my entry has been all over the place, but just wanted to introduce myself and share what's been going on in my life these past few years.
    I look forward to blogging my aneros and other related sexual practices in the near future 🙂

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      09/24/2011at12:35 pm

      Welcome to these blogs Neuro! Looking forward to your story as you unfold it here!

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