• excitedly confused

    I had another session Saturday evening and it was wonderful. Did something I hadn't done since my very first or second session, and that was after starting on my back I laid on my LEFT side. Results were immediate. I was hardly contracting, in fact for a good part of this portion of the session I wasn't contracting at all, but I could feel involuntaries. These weren't big involuntaries like when I'm on my back. They were more subtle. And then, I could feel a slight buzz running from my sweet spot up through my dick. I focused a bit on that and realized it wasn't just a buzz, but my urethral tube was in fact lightly contracting at a very rapid pace. The feeling grew and I thought I was going to have a penile orgasm, but then the feeling at the base (internal by my sweet spot) overtook those feelings and it was like a had a glowing orb inside of me that lasted a minute or two. Then the cock flutters started again and the same thing repeated itself. I rolled unto my back to see if I could coax the elusive super O. Unfortunately, that was as good as it got. Had a great time on my back with the helix riding me (as an aside, that is the coolest feeling in the world – being fucked by this little plastic thing that has no motor while I'm doing nothing or next to nothing to provoke it.) But, no super O, and I don't know if the others count as dry O's or just P waves or what. But I do know that my last couple sessions have been enormously enjoyable.
    All cynics and frustrated users take note: cool things can start to happen the less you do, and the more you're relaxed and open your mind. This is much more a mental excercise than I ever realized.

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