• This isn't a fork in the road, it's a spoon

    What I learned today will hopefully help me on my road to the super O. I've read so many recommendations about letting your body go, and letting it guide the way. I understood the words, but never the true meaning until today. And, there is not a fork in the road with two or three options; there is a spoon with options and paths so close to each other but distinctly different making an almost infinite number of paths to take.
    I started the session giving the hypaneros session a try. The induction and relaxation was very good and I think set the tone for the rest of the day. Once it got into contractions part Alana was way ahead of where my progress was so rather than let those "unsuccessful" thoughts creep into my mind I just turned it off. Then while I was relaxing with my eyes open a bit I put on the recommended video of women cumming. All I know is this cocktail worked!
    I had the penile flutters, or repurcussions, that I've had before. But this time, out of nowhere I also found my ass fluttering at the same time as my penis. This lasted for several seconds (not sure how to quantify it). That was very enjoyable. Sadly, I had no more episodes of butt fluttering. However, things did get better…much better.
    After some relaxation I endeavored to get lucky with those again. This time my body fooled me. To make a long story short over the course of a long session i had maybe four or five episodes where my ass wasn't shaking, but everything esle was! The first started when, for reasons completely unknown, my shoulders started shuddering, that grew into my face (yes my face was quivering), and lower legs, torso…probably most parts of me except my ass, LOL. If I hadn't read this site I would have freaked out mightily at the mini seizure, but I didn't; I just rode it out. While that was I neat experience, shaking in and by itself doesn't necessarily feel good (I've never considered getting the shivers in cold as "pleasant"). But, I was in for a treat that will forever solidy my belief in what I'm doing with this thing up my butt!
    During a couple of these shuttering periods (not all of them unfortunately) I felt a warmth in my prostate that I have never felt before. I could feel the Helix against me, and it felt rock hard. But it felt something else too; it felt very warm. That warmth was like a little isolated flame, but then it started to grow. It grew to encompass my pelvis and possibly my abdomen too. For the first time using my Helix I understood how people can actually orgasm with these things. I didn't get to orgasm, but for the first time during a session I felt it possible, and I felt like I REALLY WANTED to. I think the excitement of these growing sensations only served to bat them down as my conscious mind would start to take over my thoughts.
    Anyway, this happened a couple times and it was marvelous. After each I found myself a bit wore out so I would relax for a moment and found something very cool there. Once I totally relaxed the Helix seemed like vibrator..it was just buzzing down there. Then the buzzing would fade because it would be replaced by a thumping…I assume the thumping was the helix bouncing off of me with the beat of my heart. This would make the Helix feel "bigger" and it would beg a contraction…so I'd oblige. I'd hold the contraction and on a couple of occasions it felt great, pulling the helix in deep. The pressure against me seemed to make the helix double its size inside of me (though that was probably me expanding), and that large, hard pressure sometimes would expand into pleasure that I would hold unto the shaking began again.
    All I can say is "wow". I didn't orgasm, I didn't have a super O, but I definitely felt things I have never felt before. It was very cool to combine losing control of my body with pleasure.
    I don't know if I was near an orgasm, or if I made a fatal mistake that prevented one, or if I'll ever have one. But, I do know that this experience is real, this actually happened, and it is close to what I've read in other testimonials so I figure I'm on a path, the right path, and just have to let my body and mind find its way.
    Great, fun day though. For everyone who hasn't tried this…I'm nowhere yet in terms of orgasm, but there is definitely some funky stuff that happens as long as you empty your mind enough to allow it. Sorry so long, a bit excited I suppose, LOL.

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