• Drifting through deeper levels of relaxation

    I have been getting back into Anna Coy's Breathe for the Health of It mp3 series. She guides you down through the body as you consciously breathe into different parts of your body and relax your muscles. It's very soothing and I often fall asleep and wake up energized and renewed.
    A couple of times now I have slipped briefly into a deeper trance or perhaps sleep but have been woken up by my entire pelvic and leg region vibrating and shaking uncontrollably. It feels like a sweet release of energy that has been locked up. It only lasts for a few seconds. It wakes me up and it doesn't come back in waves like so many of you experience in your super )active( O's. It reminds me of when I would get cranial-sacral massage therapy done and my muscles would shake randomly as trauma/energy was released from the muscles.
    Has anyone else experienced this shaking occurring right as you descend into a deeper relaxation or sleep. I am aware of the jolts that can happen as the body prepares for sleep, but this is much more intense. I feel like my body hits the reset button and my energy is re-balanced.
    The human body is such an amazing creation!

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      03/02/2017at4:25 pm

      Yes have experimented the twitching and shaking many times but no sleep involved! Total relaxation while focused on the pelvic muscles gives the ultimate pleasure which keeps on going! Gets much easier to relax and focus breathing each and every time! And the practice is so enjoyable!

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