• Don't Let the Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

    Ok, even though I've always told myself that I'm not going to be results oriented with my Aneros, it never fails that as soon as things feel good I find my mind not only enjoying the sensations, but also wondering if I'm finally going to cum. I'd find myself contracting harder and faster, and while it would feel good, I certainly hadn't come close to an orgasm.
    On the forums B gave me a polite reminder about the "less is more" stategy so I went into my session yesterday determined to adhere to it.
    I won't go into great detail about the session itself, but will say it was the most enjoyable yet. I committed to relaxation and when I did use contractions they were light to moderate. Boy oh boy, what great results. I was just having a heck of a time. I mean, it felt great. Beyond great. It was the first time where I realized that I might actually orgasm from this funny little thing in my butt. In fact, I was getting awfully close to orgasm (no erection really). The sensations as they were, LOL, might have been better than an orgasm; that's how good it felt. And they lasted…minutes at a time rather than seconds. Now, I don't know if I would have orgasmed or not, but at the peak of my pleasure my wife called me on the phone. I didn't answer, and rode the pleasure through the ringing, but I think it knocked me off my game enough that it made an O impossible. Like I said, I don't know if I would have anyway, but man did it feel good. Had some follow up waves, but didn't reach the same level. Nevertheless, they felt darn goooood! In fact, I ended the session not because I didn't think there was anymore pleasure to get. On the contrary, I ended it because of a time constraint, and had to do it while I was really enjoying my buzz. Needless to say, even withdrawing the Helix was massively pleasureable, and I had such wonderful sensations for over an hour afterwards. Even today (the next day), if I stop and slightly contract my sphincter I can feel that little buzz reverberate.
    Point is, even if I never orgasm, I would take the feelings I had yesterday any day of the week and twice on Tuesday. Here's hoping my journey continues on a positive tract.

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      08/16/2011at6:51 pm

      The term 'less is more' makes me think of the experiences I had without the Aneros in. I am new, haven't had a super-o, but it seems without it in what I can get to happen by focusing on after effects or the region in general, has been more 'suddenly profound'. Or maybe more intense.
      ust a few thoughts running along the same general idea. Good show. 🙂

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