• Different Approach!

    Last night, I had my third session in as many days and this time, my body suggested the MGX for the occasion.  My mind originally wanted the Eupho Syn but I’ve learned a long time ago that the best results are usually attained when the prostate kisses and rubs with the tool choice it whispers to me.  Last night was no exception to the rule.

    For whatever reason, once in my session, I did not concentrate on the prostate, I was not looking for twitches or faint sensations to grow but rather all the focus was on my anal canal and anus.  I only realize this further in the session as things seemed and felt different than in my usual sessions.

    The MGX was doing exactly what it was designed to do and my back end was rewarded with sensations I never experienced before.  It was easy to fantasize being penetrated and retuning the favor.  Not a wink of attention was dedicated to the front end equipment nor to the prostate.  What a difference!  It was like discovering yet another source of pleasure and extacy totally foreign to me.

    The results are absolutely amazing when we actually let the body completely take over from the point of tool selection to the actual performance of it once inserted.

    My next ride will be tonight and so far, my E-Syn is trotting in my head but who knows!


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      05/27/2018at10:40 am

      @GGringo Your “slight-of-hand” trick has really paid off for you! I am sort of in an Aneros “lull” lately. Perhaps I should go again for my “original” goal of prostate massage: BPH relief through regular-interval sessions!

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      05/27/2018at1:21 pm

      @goldenboy, I’m not familiar with the term “slight-of-hand”??
      Is your Aneros “lull” by choice or is your body, prostate and mind shifting in other directions? Are you still pursuing chastity and SR? Don’t give up on what you are so good at and this unique source of male pleasure.
      Good vibes to you.

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      05/27/2018at7:49 pm

      @GGringo By “slight-of-hand”, I am implying that you have re-directed you attention away from your prostate, almost like a fantasy. I seem to be taking more of a break from my sessions lately. But I’m still doing SR and chastity. I thought about getting back into BPH-relief sessions again, regardless of the pleasure it generates in my prostate!

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