• Nippleless Experiment; first day

    I had my first A-less without nipple play this morning; intensity is very low. If it was not for pressure applied to my perineum (with my heel), sensations would be null.

    I’m determined to change that and continue without nipple influence.


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      07/02/2019at3:32 pm

      Update at 11:30 AM; I’m sitting on a stress ball without nip interaction while typing this entry and I’m getting plenty of p-waves. I’m sort of sensing pulses from my prostate so the experiment will continue for a while yet. I want to be able to regain, for example, the pleasures I used to have while driving before I learned about the pleasures nipples could possibly generate.
      They used to be as useless as tits on a bull!

      Life is wonderful!

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      07/02/2019at3:59 pm

      @GGringo, I salute your in your experiment with nipple diddling “abstinence.”

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