• A Great Ride, literally!

    I know I’ve been rather quiet in the last few months but I didn’t feel I had much to contribute as all my sessions are pretty well the same; GREAT!

    Thursday, I had some alone time so I opted for a rare morning session even if I had things to do.  I lubed up and inserted one of my faithful friend; my Eupho Syn.  I spent a few minutes lying on the couch getting my prostate acclimatised to it’s cuddling friend. 

    I had an errand to run so I got off the couch, got in the pickup truck and headed out on the road with the Aneros still inserted.  We live in a country suburb where the roads are sometimes a little rougher than in the city.  During the ride, my prostate felt every single bump and crease on the road and converted them into direct pleasure waves.  With such intense pleasure waves pulsating my anal canal and prostate, instead of driving to avoid the bumps and crevaces on the road, I was actually looking for them and aimed the vehicle accordingly.  The sensations in my entire pelvic area was absolutely exquisite.

    At destination, I got out of the truck and did my business while talking to a few unsuspecting people.  Meanwhile, the Eupho Syn was doing it’s job pleasuring my prostate.  The experience continued on the return trip and once I reached home, I headed for the couch again to finish my session.  What a great ride! Literally!

    Earlier this Summer, I had lubed up and inserted my Helix Syn and proceeded to mow the lawn on the lawn tractor with very similar results.

    Life is wonderful!


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      11/02/2018at11:55 pm

      @GGringo, I am glad you had a great ride with Eupho Syn outdoors while running errands.

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