• MGX Classic Night

    Everything I mentioned about my Progasm Ice in my yesterday’s blog entry could be repeated here for last night’s session with my MGX!

    In fact, I feel that every one of my massagers are performing as my very favorite lately. My prostate does not seem to care which toy to kiss, it just accepts it and reciprocate by giving me endless pleasure waves.

    My next session will be Wed or Thur this week. Until then, I will enjoy my daily aless and edging sessions.


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      02/03/2020at8:17 am

      I’m very interested in doing this. Any other information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Avatar for BigGlansDC


      02/12/2020at5:08 pm

      @ggringo, I love the rugged feel of my MGX Classic that its ribbed stem provides so well. When I use any of my Aneros models, I use them carefully. I do not want to drop any of them and cause them to break. They all are so prized by me.

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