• Taking a Break!

    My last session was Sunday night, number five in four days so I’ve decided to take a total break on EVERYTHING prostate. No session, no Aless, nothing but the occasional edge session and this until at least Wednesday night. I want to hit the reset button for a while and see the effects.
    Maybe it’s something I need to do on occasion.


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      03/27/2018at7:28 am

      @GGringo I congratulate you for taking this bold step! I have been there over a year ago and more recently. With my recent (almost) Super-O Helix Trident session, I realize that these can become quite intense and I am not sure I want to travel down that path again just now (I am already re-wired). So I have put myself on an Aneros “schedule” of 3 times a week (no more) just to see what effect it has on my sexual situation. It seems to have had a beneficial, positive effect. Perhaps I can “ramp-down” even more? Like you, my energy level has never been higher! I will enjoy reading about your progress! Good luck to you!

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      03/27/2018at1:15 pm

      So far, no effects at all but it’s still early. I had a good edging session this morning but not a peep from the prostate department. Perhaps the prostate is enjoying the break. I am determined to let my body give me the nod for the next move when it’s ready for action.
      This is an experiment to see if there are any benefits to “no action periods”. I felt I had started to chase results again.
      I will keep you posted.

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      03/28/2018at8:48 am

      @GGringo You will not be disappointed by “waiting”. As I have said before to others, your prostate is not going anywhere and actually goes everywhere you do! In a short time, you will begin to feel the effects of the absence of prostate massage and will know when it is time to resume.

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      03/30/2018at3:51 pm

      @GGringo, it is always to take breaks from a Aneros regimen from time to time. But there is a saying that Absence makes a love fonder! 🙂

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