• Out of body experience

    At this time of the year I try to get away from it all to have some time out, away from the daily stresses of home and work. Well good news! I’m away from home now until Christmas, the past six months have been a…

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  • 8 to 10 minuet orgasms, how?

    It’s been awhile since my last post, life has been kinda busy but finally I’m away for a few days away on a business trip and what do trips away make? That’s right guys, time on my own to play! As most of may already….

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  • Sounding takes me to new depths

    Following on from the success as per my previous blog entry, I decided a cheeky Saturday morning session with my shiny new Guyon sounds was in order. As with Aneros devices it takes time for a session of prostate play to rev-up and get fired…

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    I’ve been a very good boy recently so I decided to treat myself to some new toys, a set of Guyon sounding rods. Although these sounds look fairly severe it’s like any of these kind of medical toys in the right hands using them safely…

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  • Best Super-O’s to date

    Sessions of late have been good but nothing mind blowing, super-o’s have been achieved (and appreciated) and I’ve been left feeling satisfied, but nothing as amazing as the sessions I had in November of last year. On the other hand yesterdays session was something very…

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  • Post Workout Session

    Recently I’ve started working out more in our home gym, I’m on a major fitness and weight loss program and so far so good. I find that working out whilst watching porn helps me, it takes my focus away from the exercises and focuses my…

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  • Pumped Up Nipples

    I just had a great weekend, my wife was at home so lots of sex. You’d think this have curtailed my lust for an Aneros session with my favourite Eupho Syn Trident, well you’d be wrong! I’m on a health and fitness programme just now…

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  • Sounding – How I got Started

    For ages I’ve threatened you with a blog about sounding and urethral play, so here it is. Before we get too deeply (pun intended) into the subject of sounding, let’s talk safety. There’s an inherent risk involved with inserting objects deep within sensitive parts your…

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  • It’s Been Awhile

    Well hello strangers! It’s been awhile since my last blog post, too long. Life seems to gotten hectic again, all the way through December and January work took off again but recently things seem to have settled down a bit, affording me some free time…

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  • Its oh so quiet

    I’m back home after living in solitude for almost a month, if you read my previous blogs you’ll read about the remote cabin Ive been staying in and my epic adventures with my family of Aneros’s. Since I’ve returned I’ve had a few sessions and…

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