• Sounding takes me to new depths

    Following on from the success as per my previous blog entry, I decided a cheeky Saturday morning session with my shiny new Guyon sounds was in order.

    As with Aneros devices it takes time for a session of prostate play to rev-up and get fired up, from early on in this session i was experiencing nice pleasurable sensations, this was caused by the bend of the sound gently applying pressure directly on to my prostate, resulting in a nice warm glow from deep within. An hour or so into the session I started to get the pre-orgasm shakes, my legs began to quiver and my stomach muscles began to tighten, this built in intensity, I was playing with the sound with my hand, rocking it back and fore and from side to side, I noticed I got a ‘buzz’ if I gently levered the sound upwards towards my belly ( I was sitting on the bed propped up by pillows with my back to the headboard) I took a pillow, folded it and used this as a support to lift the sound up and hold it in the optimum position, I could tell when it was positioned correctly as my prostate wound tell me so! I reclined back and rode the sensations, some nipple diddling put me over the edge and a wave of lustful pleasure washed over me, I felt like I was floating, like an out of body experience but merged with an head blowing orgasm, I held this as long as I could, I know it lasted for minuets as I had porn on in the back ground and I could tell it was lasting for minuets and not seconds. As time went on I almost passed out but held it and held it until it faded away. What an incredible head blowing orgasm, my longest I’ve ever experienced in my life, it wasn’t long before the second wave crashed over me, this time not lasting as long but of equal pleasure. At no time during this mega-orgasm did I touch my cock or even think about ejaculating, all my my thoughts and concentration were solely focused on my prostate.

    Once again I find myself at at a new milestone, I’ve always known there were better orgasms out there but never thought it would result in becoming multi-orgasmic and to be able to experience orgasms that last for minuets and not seconds. I’m convinced that the key to achieving these is by the use of ones mind, to cast off the chains of doubt and convention and be prepared to push and go beyond the boundaries.

    Time to open Pandoras box?

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      05/24/2021at5:28 am

      Sounds – pardon the pun – delicious. I have a set of Van Buren sounds – very enjoyable- my favourite is 26FR. I’m on prostate medication and erections are quite difficult to achieve which makes sounding easy as I stay nice and soft.

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