• Pumped Up Nipples

    I just had a great weekend, my wife was at home so lots of sex. You’d think this have curtailed my lust for an Aneros session with my favourite Eupho Syn Trident, well you’d be wrong!

    I’m on a health and fitness programme just now which means healthy eating and lots of exercise. I drove my good lady to work this morning then had a hour long spinning and weights session, I watch porn whilst on the bike, it helps me pass the time and I find the act of getting breathless, hot and sweaty a bit of a turn on. Post session I had a long shower, shaved my cock and balls and generally took my time warming down, I couldn’t resist having a bit of sexy fun with the shower head so I positioned the flow so it tickled and bounced off my asshole and balls, I then turned around and blasted the head of my dick with the strongest and moist intense flow, it was almost too much to take but by God it felt fantastic!

    I douched after my shower and made myself comfortable on the bed, I lubed up and inserted the Eupho, then just relaxed. To Begin with there wasn’t much happening, and tbh I thought the session was going to be a dud, after all that does happen. Half an hour later and I’m starting to feel the most gentle of whisper from my prostate, a very feint buzz, this was a sign to persist and plough on, next of all my legs started to shake, followed by my butt, my prostate was now starting to buzz.

    I don’t often use my twist-action nipple suckers, today was the day to break them out and have a play. Nipple play is an essential part of my journey to achieving a Super-O so why not pump those bad-boys up and have some fun? I find it helps with the suction if I lube up the area around my nipples, I then just the suckers onto to my nipples and twist out all the air, then lie back and watch those nipples grow, and boy do they grow!
    Remove the pumps too soon and the effect wears off within a very short time, I normally leave them on for quarter of an hour or more, it may be a little bit painful, but hey who doesn’t like a bit of pain they’re horny?

    I started to feel the onset of a Super-O so I removed the nipple suckers and was delighted to see and feel how engorged my nipples were, they were like massive, and without loosing sensitivity (double bonus there then). When the Super-O came it lasted for ages, I managed to hold it for at least ten minuets then the post orgasm the P-waves continued to entertain me for the remainder of the session. I feel totally and utterly satisfied by todays session and look forward to more later in the week.

    If you haven’t already tried nipple suckers, give them a try!


    • Ggringo

      03/08/2021at8:02 am

      Wow, @nice-sounding-guy your post is HOT! While reading it, I could almost feel what you described even if I never had nipple pumps. Thanks for sharing.

    • Avatar for Ghusa


      04/22/2021at4:57 pm

      Looks like you had fun. I am Happy for you. I am a complete newbie. Just bought helix syn trident. I am starting to play with my nipples and really like it . quick question. After the play , do the nipples go back to normal and not pumped up all the time for days for others to see? Just curious . Take care.

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