• Best Super-O’s to date

    Sessions of late have been good but nothing mind blowing, super-o’s have been achieved (and appreciated) and I’ve been left feeling satisfied, but nothing as amazing as the sessions I had in November of last year.

    On the other hand yesterdays session was something very different.
    After a particularly strenuous workout/weights session I decided to have a session with my trusty eupho syn trident, I went through my usual routine of douching, showering and setting the scene, everything was done in a relaxed and controlled manner, taking time not to rush things and keep calm and relaxed.

    I lay on my back on the bed and inserted the device, then did nothing, I just lay there and chilled-out, I watched some soft-core porn to help my mind drift away from everyday thoughts. After about twenty minutes I could feel the device gently nuzzling my prostate, the most subtle and lightest of sensation, a gentle tickling. I know from experience that this is the start of good things to come. I rode the sensations whilst gently and gingerly contracting my PC muscles, the tickling developed into a buzz and began to radiate throughout my pelvis, my thighs and butt began to quiver and shake. It’s at this stage that I start to pull the device deeper into me by contracting my sphincter, not too hard, just enough to put a small amount of pressure from the eupho directly onto my prostate, this is when the magic happened. Up until this point I’d not touched my nipples, as I started to strum them with my finger nails I could feel the build up to my first super-o. My body from tip to toe became rigid and I let out a massive yawn, then the shakes and quivers began, I was transported into the mysterious world of the prostate orgasm, vivid visions of lingerie clad girls flashed before my eyes, swirling whirlpools of colours and the most glorious warm feeling overwhelmed me. All the time this is happening I’m gently holding the device in the sweet spot, using my sphincter to control its precise position. I’ve absolutely no idea how long the orgasm lasted but eventually it faded away, I lay there in the afterglow just floating in my thoughts, feeling totally at one with the world.

    Roll on ten minuets and even doing nothing the buzz starts up again of its own accord, I contact my PC and sphincter muscles and we’re off again, this time the orgasm build into to something completely different. I concentrate on holding the device on my sweet-spot, the buzz/glow/warm feeling deep within my pelvis grows and grows, my body bucks as I tease and play with my nipples, the orgasm is lasting forever! Mid super-o my body convulses forcing the device to pop out, but wait a second the super-o continues without the device inserted! My prostate is enlarged and I’m feeling all the usual sensations of a super-o, my body bucks and flails around but I can feel cum flowing from my dick, a HFWO during a super-o and without a device inserted, well thats something different!

    I lay there absolutely covered in my own mess and gently drifted off into a deep sleep. I felt great for the rest of the day.

    I’ve said this before: The journey and places these wondrous pieces of silicone coated bit of plastic take me is just mind-blowing, if you’re not there yet my friends, keep at it, its well worth the effort. Just forget about playing with your dick!!!!


    • Avatar for Steven Baines

      Steven Baines

      03/22/2021at4:55 pm

      Wow; can’t hardly wait to hopefully experience this!

    • Bill Bately

      06/05/2021at2:27 am

      Wow. That was fantastic @nice-sounding-guy.
      I’ve had probably thousands of sessions ranging from dismal to magical but never a HFWO. But then I think if I did it might work against my prostate orgasms and expectations of same. IDK.

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