I’ve been a very good boy recently so I decided to treat myself to some new toys, a set of Guyon sounding rods. Although these sounds look fairly severe it’s like any of these kind of medical toys in the right hands using them safely and sensibly becomes second nature.

    My first attempt with these crazy looking sounds was a bit of a non-starter, I was rushed for time and sounding or come to think of it a session with Aneros’s is never good when rushed. I had pleasurable sensations but nothing too dramatic, my second attempt was a completely different affair.

    This was a long and protected session lasting almost three hours, I’ve recently purchased a VR headset, an Oculus Quest 2 if anyones interested. You’re able to download 6K VR porn directly to the device, therefore not relying on Wi-Fi when out on business, particularly handy for the likes of me especially when I’m in the back of beyond. I have to say the optical quality is really good and once engrossed in the glory of the scene its easy to get sucked into it (pun intended) anyway I digress….

    When it comes to sounding I’d say I was fairly experienced by working my way from a basic set of Rosebuds to a set of ‘J’ curved Van Buren sounds, up to this moment in time they have given me the most rewards. I should really explain that once past the initial squeamishness of the physical act of sticking metal rods deep into your dick there’s a world of deep and dark wonders to behold from sounding, and let me tell you it gets easier with practice. Just remember to never force anything and keep everything super clean, start slow and do your homework before diving in.

    What first attracted me to deep urethral sounding was that it is the only way to directly stimulate your prostate, your urethra runs right through the middle of it, go past the curve at the base of your dick and you’re right in the centre of it.

    When I first researched into Guyon sounds I thought they’re far too brutal for me, there’s no way in Hell I’m going to ever try those, a year later and I have a set sitting in front of me, the best way to describe them is as like a large upside down hook, being this shape they are they can only be inserted when your dick is soft, trying it when erect could cause some damage, to you, not the sound!

    ….. Back to the second session…..

    I’m highly turned on, even more so after over two weeks of semen retention. I’ve been watching VR porn and really getting into one particular scene, I’ve inserted a medium thickness of Guyon sound and I can feel it pressing against my prostate, its giving off a wonderful warm glow, a bit like when experiencing a P-wave. I stood up and i’m transported into the world of VR, it felt like the girls in the clip were actually touching my dick. I’m experiencing the same feeling I get when my Aneros device hit the ‘sweet-spot’ and i can control to which area of my body I want the ‘buzz’ to go, I just concentrate on that spot and off it goes, to my balls, my nipples, my prostate and then to the top of my head, this is quite mind-blowing.
    What happened next was insane, I sit down and let the sound hang by its own weight held in position by my semi-hard dick, then the shakes start, just as in the build up to a super-O, this feels so different though, far more direct and precise. I reclined the chair and just let the sound find the sweet spot, I’ve found it before by using the Van Buren sounds but this is incredible, it’s like the sound was designed to hit the exact spot, bang in the centre of the target. My mind is blank, my body and arms are completely numb and lifeless and i feel like I’m being lifted out of my body, this is THE MOST SCARY AND INTENSE ORGASM EVER!

    I was kinda freaked out by the experience, even so I held onto it as long as I could and was transported into a different dimension of pleasure, somewhere I’m keen to revisit very soon, maybe next time I’ll be able to hold it for longer?

    I’ll keep you posted.


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      04/03/2021at9:02 am


      You continue to knock the ball out of the park with finding new ways/avenues of male pleasure.

      I applaud you. I am wondering how nipple play factors into this new level of male pleasure.

      My nipples are hot wired to my prostate and cock head. Are your nipples involved in your sounding pleasure and especially in this new guyon activity.

      Happy Easter bro

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