• Sounding – How I got Started

    For ages I’ve threatened you with a blog about sounding and urethral play, so here it is.

    Before we get too deeply (pun intended) into the subject of sounding, let’s talk safety. There’s an inherent risk involved with inserting objects deep within sensitive parts your body, I strongly recommend you read up on the safety aspect of sounding and follow the advice given, there’s plenty out there so go find!

    My Aneros name ‘Nice Sounding Guy’ comes from the notion that I consider myself to be a nice decent kind of bloke, I love ‘sounding’ and I’m a guy!

    I started my journey into sounding kind of by accident, when I say ‘accident’ I don’t mean I fell onto a spike a it went up my cock! I mean it kinda happened as a natural progression during the journey of exploration in the pursuit of prostate play and the pleasures it brings. Sounding isn’t for everyone. the mere thought of inserting something deep down into your cock is enough to make most men run for the hills. On the other hand there are some of us out there that take great pleasure in the personal explorations of our bodies whilst at the same time pushing the limits of our kinks.

    My first purchase of a set of sounding rods were a set of Hagar sounds off Amazon. I quickly realised these were far too short for my likes and desires and progressed onto a set of Rosebud sounds, quickly followed by a set of Van Buren’s. There’s also a couple of long silicone electro sounds in my collection, I’ll explain how and why I use each type in the coming paragraphs.

    I remember the first evening of experimentation with the Hagar sounds, I was so nervous of doing serious damage to my cock, how would I explain to the casualty nurse how I ended up with a metal rod suck in my cock?! Well, here’s the good news, use decent quality surgical steel sounds and is highly unlikely that they’ll get stuck, the design of your cock is to push things out, not suck things in. I’ve had a sound inserted all the way down to the curve at the base of my cock and its slid back out just fine. The first few sessions will feel very weird, often there will be a small amount of pain and a burning session, especially having a post-session piss. There will most likely be a small amount of blood during the initial sessions, this will soon pass as your technique gets better and your urethra adjusts to these new demands. Its very rare for me to bleed now unless I’m really pushing my limits. The safe way to do sound is to to start slowly and work your way up, never force anything and if you ever feel pain, STOP.

    Use lots of lube, preferably sterilised. Easy to get a hold of from Amazon.

    The sensations i receive from sounding are very difficult to describe, its like being jerked off from inside, I’m convinced the kink aspect of the actual act of sticking rods in your cock heightens the sensation. Cumming with a sound inserted or cumming as a result of sounding is amazing, it blows your fucking head off!

    Let’s go through the different sounds in my collection and how I use them.

    Hagar sounds – chucked in the trash. Didn’t do anything for me.

    Rosebud Sounds – Long thin shaft, torpedo shaped ball at the business end and a thin handle at the other.
    These are great for beginners as thy aren’t that thick and and easy to use, personally I use them for deep urethral play and have added a ‘J’ shaped curve to the last few inches, this helps me bend it past the base of my cock and into my prostate, once its in there I either gently rock it back and fore or from side to side or attach a small lipstick vibrator to the handle and let the vibrations do the work, this is a sure fire way to make me cum. I find that standing or knelling works best for me, contacting my PC muscle helps to work the head of the sound internally in my prostate, a mind blowing sensation.

    DYK this is the only way to internally massage your prostate?

    Van Buren sounds are rather scary to look at but for me are the best tools for the job. I always start a session with lubing up my chosen sound. its impossible and not recommended to insert ‘J’ shaped sounds whist your cock is erect, its amazing how your brain adjusts to using sounds and now a year or so after starting sounding my cock stays flaccid for they insertion and only gets hard close to me cumming. It’s best to start with a middle gauge sound, the thinner ones are for experienced users as are the thicker ones. I find that once I hold it a the correct angle to my body it will naturally slide down inside my cock with its own weight and minimal pressure from me, getting it past the bend at the base of the cock can be tricky but becomes easier over time. A year down the line and its second nature to me. Once its past the bend at the base of my cock i can feel when it enters my the part of the urethra that passes directly through the prostate, it gives me an instant rush of endorphins and a shudder, quite a feeling. As before with the rosebud sound, either a gentle rocking action or a vibrator attached to the end works best for me.

    As I’ve mentioned in my previous blogs I’m into Electro play, I use a small Electro Pebble device that runs off a 9V battery. As with sounding best do your on-line research before dabbling into this form of kink.

    I’ve go two silicone sounds both of which are 25-30cm in length, these go DEEP inside me and the thinner one of the two can even penetrate my bladder, this is a sensation only a few of us will like. I only save it for special occasions. The feeling of the electrical buzz pulsating from the silicone sound deep within with my cock sends me wild, the control box has different patters of electrical flow and the feeling and sensation varies from one to the other. This is a sure fire way to get my rocks off.

    Remember guys play safe and don’t rush when sounding, and for Gods sake don’t insert household objects!!!

    I’m off now to have a session with my sounds!


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      02/21/2021at1:29 pm

      Thanks for sharing bro. You really are into pleasure in a fashion most men envy but few (including me) have the tenacity to get there. I had an internet friend who tried sounding and somehow injured himself as you stated can happen. He went to his urologist and sheepishly admitted what he had been doing only to have his urologist tell him that lots of men tried sounding and that his injury was not uncommon. The uro put a scope with a camera down his cock and showed him the injury and the friend got to see what the internal workings of his cock looked like along with what the area of his prostate looked like via a scope.

      Very interesting stuff bro. Keep inspiring us to push the envelope.

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      07/28/2021at2:24 am

      Thanks for your experience, I’m planning start Sounding too

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        07/28/2021at2:27 am

        With my BF)

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