• 8 to 10 minuet orgasms, how?

    It’s been awhile since my last post, life has been kinda busy but finally I’m away for a few days away on a business trip and what do trips away make? That’s right guys, time on my own to play!

    As most of may already. know I’m a huge fan of not only time spent with my collection of Aneros’s but of urethral sounding and latterly that’s where I’ve been concentrating my efforts.

    On my previous blog entry I was singing the praises of my news purchases a shiny set of Guyon sounds, I have to say I’m totally and utterly in love with these amazing instruments, I shall explain….

    These sounds are designed for medical use but have one major plus point, when inserted they pass directly through the center of your prostate, and we all know there lies the core of the deepest and most powerful sensations known to man!

    Like all kinks that involve medical toys there is an element of risk, it’s imperative you do your homework before shoving things down your dick, serious damage can be inflicted by the foolhardy and uneducated. Always play safe and never rush or force things. With sounding initially there will be a level discomfort and a possibility of some bleeding but with experience these soon go away and a world of pleasure awaits. After almost a year of sounding I never suffer pain or discomfort.

    Want to know what sounding feels like?

    Well It’s like being jerked off but internally, everything is way more intense and the sensations are out of this world, for the sake of confusion in this blog I’m going to refer to just Guyon sounds and what they do for me.

    I alway make sure my sounds are clean and sterile, boiling them in clean water for five minutes before use will do the trick, once they are fully cooled they are ready to be inserted, but to be doubly sure I wipe them down with a non-alcohol based medi-wipe. sterile medical grade lube is vitally important and help them glide in, I give the sound a good coating before insertion. Due to their question mark shape Guyon sounds are one of the most difficult sounds to insert and take time and acquired skill to insert correctly, I was terrified the first time i used them but after a while it becomes a whole lot easier. I put the first inch or so in my urethra then hold the shaft of the sound parallel to my body, then with the gentlest of pressure start to feed it down my dick, this can only be done when you’re semi hard or flacid, when the sound reaches the base of your dick it needs to curve around under your balls and towards your ass, this is the tricky part, I guide the cured part of the sound by following its progress under my skin with a finger. To begin with you’ll meet with a bit of resistance as you pass through the base of the curve and then before you enter the prostate, over a period of time this again becomes second nature.

    Once inserted and you’re comfortable you can either jerk off with the sound inserted, but this is a bit like breaking a walnut with a sledgehammer, Guyon sounds are way more sophisticated than that!
    With a gentle rocking motion they massage your prostate internally, this is a mind blowing sensation and one of the most intense I’ve ever experienced, keep doing this and its possible to make yourself cum, its quite a feeling to cum and it to be pushed back by the sound blocking it from being ejaculated and being pushed into your bladder, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Gently rotating the handle of the sound will also do a similar thing, but my all time favourite trick is to use pillows to support the sound at approximately a forty five degree angle and keep it held in that position, there’s a precise position that will feel like its itching ‘the spot’. The hot spot is very small but by God is it the place to aim for, it’s the key to all the best sensations, moving my hips just an inch or so upwards in a gentle thrusting motion causes the bend of the sound to put subtle pressure on the prostate and give it an internal massage, this feeling is FUCKING awesome. Using this technique has enabled me to hone my skills enough to experience earth shattering, mind blowing, non-ejaculatory orgasms lasting for many minuets, my record so far to date is an estimated eight to ten minuets!!! These prolonged orgasms quite literally leave me a quivering and drooling wreck, and I absolutely love them.

    Don’t think for a minuet I’ve abandoned my faithful Aneros friends, I had a session this afternoon which was pretty good but as I’m in a busy hotel I couldn’t fully let go and let rip.

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