• Out of body experience

    At this time of the year I try to get away from it all to have some time out, away from the daily stresses of home and work.
    Well good news! I’m away from home now until Christmas, the past six months have been a bit crazy so I really need my time in the wilderness, having a lake side cabin is a real privilege and one I never take for granted. Anyway I’m pleased to say last night was my first Aneros session of my time-out and boy what a session it was!

    It started like all my sessions do, a long hot shower, setting the scene with a cosy warm bed and low lighting, I’ve recently purchased a small wedge shaped inflatable cushion, perfect for raising my ass off the mattress, I positioned it underneath me and lay back and relaxed, that is of course after lubing up and inserting the helix. Fast forward forward thirty minuets and my legs start to quiver and I can feel the device putting the most gentle of pressure on my prostate, I did nothing and just lay there drinking in the sensations. As the things developed a strange but intensely enjoyable feeling began to radiate from my groin, the more I diddled my nipples the more intense it became, the sensation is hard to describe but it was like a very high frequency buzzing/glow from deep within, next came the p-waves, waves of pleasure washing over me causing me to squirm with pleasure, then the first super-o, this one was different though, it felt as if I was out of my body, like I was detached and levitating above my body, kind of weird but I was loving it. The session lasted for hours and by the end of it I was a quivering wreck, I was experiencing orgasmic waves hours after I lay there in the after-glow of an epic session.

    More updates of my time away to follow……..



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      11/22/2021at12:36 am

      I think that’s fantastic. Of course, we’re wondering:
      did you get hard ? Keep your hands off your dick? Pre cum? A lot? I have found out , during a Super O
      to keep my hands behind my neck to avoid masturbating. I wait. Sometimes during the super, I shoot my seed. Same thing happen to you?

    • Avatar for eagerbeaver


      01/05/2022at12:16 pm

      Wow! Good for you! Thanks for sharing.

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