• Post Workout Session

    Recently I’ve started working out more in our home gym, I’m on a major fitness and weight loss program and so far so good.
    I find that working out whilst watching porn helps me, it takes my focus away from the exercises and focuses my mind on the hot girls!
    Post workout I find myself all hot and sweaty and surprisingly aroused, maybe its the natural rush of endorphins? As I warm down and take a shower mind wonders towards quality time with an aneros.

    Yesterday I did just this followed by a session with my MGX Syn Trident. Pleasurable sensations were there almost instantly, the device hit the sweet-spot with an instant buzz. The session went really well. I had a big Supe -O within the first twenty minuets followed by a long fallow period, not a problem as I was happy to bask in the afterglow of the Super-O, I then started holding the device with my sphincter and PC muscle to the point where it was fluttering and dancing, this caused the MGX to bounce around like crazy, the result was Super-O number two, then after another drop-off a third. Its awhile since I’ve had the fluttering sensation but I loved it, going to try that again next week.

    Happy riding guys.

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