• It’s Been Awhile

    Well hello strangers!

    It’s been awhile since my last blog post, too long.

    Life seems to gotten hectic again, all the way through December and January work took off again but recently things seem to have settled down a bit, affording me some free time for me and my Aneros’s.

    In December i had a few sessions but they were frustratingly flat with little or no sensations or joy, I put this down to the stresses of the season plus work commitments. I’ve had dud sessions before and have learned to walk away and take timeout, this is exactly what I did, no Aneros play for a month. I still dabbled in my alternate deviant pleasures, sounding and elctro-play, sometimes even a combination of the two. I even invested in some VR goggles, oh my! Now thats what I call an investment.

    I know some of you are keen to hear about my journey into sounding and I promise I’ll blog about that later this week.

    In the past two weeks I’ve had two really good sessions with my Aneros family, for the sake of simplicity I’m going to amalgamate them into one post.

    Both sessions started two or three days in advance with a build up of sexual tension, watching porn, reading erotica and listening to racy podcasts.On the day of a session I’ll always make sure my body and mind are clean and free of distractions, I’ll set aside at least four hours to really get into the zone, the fours hours aren’t necessarily all with the device inserted but the total length of time from having a hot bath or shower to having a short post-session snooze.

    First things first, I lock the doors and close the shutters, switch off cellphones and shut out the outside world, time to set the scene, lay out a blanket on the bed, folded pillows, MacBook and headphones, sort lube and which aeros device I’ll be using, ensure the room is warm and comfortable, then I take a hot shower or bath, shave my cock and balls and take time to lather my body whist thinking erotic thoughts, at no point do I play with my cock and balls.

    After drying off I move to the bed, find some soft porn to help relax and focus my mind on that and nothing else, and I mean really relax, loose all track of time and space and zone out. As I get more aroused I lube up with one and half medicine dosing tubes of water based gel, I cover the Eupho Trident with more lube and insert it into my ass, I then stretch my ass cheeks wide apart to enable the device to bed-in and sit perfectly on my prostate, then more relaxation whilst at the same time introducing deep breathing exercises, inhale through the nose for four seconds, hold for seven then exhale slowly for eight and repeat for the next fifteen to twenty minuets, only when I get a flood of saliva in the mouth (The one you only get when you’re really turned on) do I start diddling with my hardening nipples, I’m employing the ‘do-nothing technique, no squeezing of my PC or my sphincter muscles. I can now feel the most subtle and gentlest of pressure on my prostate, so subtle it’s hardly noticeable, I ride it, doing nothing except playing with my nipples, the sensation slowly morphs to a dull warm glow deep from within my prostate, my core and legs begin to quiver, the more I relax and let go the stronger the vibrations become. As this feeling begins to subside I go back to my deep breathing, and as if by magic the dull-ache returns and grows!

    I ride this feeling, it feels amazing, like a buzz deep in my prostate, its a feeling I want to last forever and for it never to stop. Without warning I’m caught unawares by a massive yawn and stretch, my body goes rigid almost to the point of cramping up, as I come down from this from tip to toe my body starts to shake and quiver, I’m at the start of a super-o. I let it build and build taking me enticingly to next level of pleasure, I feel FUCKING AMAZING! It’s like my prostate is the centre of the universe and all sources of power are concentrated right there (recently I’ve learned to find the ‘sweet-spot’ and hold the super-o there) to keep riding this tsunami of pleasure for as long as is humanly possible, how long this lasts? I have absolutely no idea, it could be two minuets it could be half an hour, time is an irrelevant concept. As quickly as it hit me it diminishes and gently fades, but all is not lost and a second one quickly follows, then a third. As each super-o builds in intensity I manage to hold onto the delicious sweet spot for longer than ever before and I feel like I’m falling backward into the abyss, this is getting weird now, but I go with it. My body is literally buzzing from head to toe, the session ends with my sobbing, deep sobs of happiness, happy that I can experience such a rush of pleasure, a pleasure way beyond i knew previously.

    I’m hoping for a couple more sessions this week but mustn’t build up my expectations, what will be will be.

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