• Abstaining session

    Been over a week since the 6th May, my blog last entry. I talked about having a break to build excitement — and last night's session made a point of that. Over this week I abstained from anything sexual, and looking at anything sexual for…

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  • The key is 'excitement'

    )NOTE: This only really applies to experienced users – for those starting off, your perspective may be different( New entry is certainly a random occurrence, given how dead on its feet my blog is…! My usage on the device is sparse these days – and…

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  • Life in the Endgame

    That's that, I suppose. I've come as far as I'll get. Super-O's don't seem all that amazing to me, but I'm still holding onto the possibility that these amazing orgies haven't truly occurred yet. Perhaps I haven't fully let myself go in sessions. It's been…

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  • Super-O: Kind of, sort of, maybe?

    TL;DR: * Continuos, building orgasm * Arching back up non-stop * Moaning is genuine now, and not 'acting' * Rectal muscles & prostate pulsate upon possible orgasm – similar to Super-T * First wet-dream * Similar orgasm outside of sessions * Still picky/reluctant to actually…

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  • Chemistry of the Mind

    TL;DR: * Sensations specific to anus within first minute of insertion * Most sensations weren't Aneros exclusive until later * Faint Out-of-Body moment early in session * Involuntary Tug-of-War generated pleasure in anus/PC muscles * Frequent practice still needed on sensing Aneros That Aneros itch….

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  • Should Really Take a Break

    Nothing says Super-O desperation like three devices in one session! I'm really kind of fed up right now, and it's effecting my sessions and overall attitude towards Aneros. Graduated from university this summer and I'm in that sickening, sludgy void of being unemployed. Want to…

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  • Dirty talking helped!?

    TL;DR: * Session had vague sensations but wasn't going anywhere * Semi-forced anal contractions 2 hours in began creating sensations * When a lot of arousal built up, began dirty talk began happening in my mind * Out of body experience occurred when dirty talk…

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  • 2nd stage of prostate awakening…?

    TL;DR: * Tingles of pleasure in anus for first time. * Genuinely felt the Aneros. * Prostate engorging in sensation. * Strong p-waves. * Refractory period: sad, tense and desperate. Maybe part of the fun in these sessions is never quite knowing what to expect?…

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  • Duds

    Yup, I thought so. So my previous entry praised and raved over the great new experiences from Monday night. Turns out they weren't discoveries with a permanent effect. I tried the MGX again tonight primarily to see if what I had uncovered in the previous…

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  • Odd new involuntary massaging

    TL;DR: * Sensations flow naturally – doing nothing or contracting. * Pleasure builds up quite easily now. * First time arousal from anal contracting. * Built up pleasure quickly, and felt wormy involuntary contractions. I thought I hit the peak of my Aneros journey for…

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